How to live as an artist every day

Nov 20, 15 How to live as an artist every day

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Did you used to dream about living the life of an artist? Maybe you did. Maybe you still do…

Desiring to be in service to others by being in your full creative power? Dedicating your time to just Magnolia - 5doing this and not needing to compromise…

Making creations that only you can make, ferrying them from the rivers of the imagination to the earth matter of realization, because you are the only one who sees and feels in the precise way that your art piece communicates.

In Damanhur, we call ourselves a Popolo of Artists. What does that really mean? I believe it’s about living in the flow of creative energy and inspiration, riding waves of life force that move through us as we journey through our everyday lives, as a way of connecting with others in gifting our talents. Whatever our day jobs and activities may be. Everything, an act of creation, from making jewelry to baking bread rolls.

I found a key to understanding this a few days ago while I was dashing around Damjl. I saw Visone Magnolia - 4Magnolia with concentrated eyes and busy hands, surrounded by colorful containers of beads and ribbons, crafting handmade earrings. Whether she is making jewelry or ice cream or a wedding banquet with exquisite delicacies – as Magnolia is also a gourmet chef and ice cream maker, alongside her husband Scarabeo who makes artisan organic cheeses – everything she touches turns to beauty.

Here’s what she shared with me about her jewelry making practice:

Magnolia - 1I am a person with manual creativity, and I’ve always done practical things using my hands. I’m never just sitting there doing nothing – I get bored like that! So, it was very natural for me to begin creating objects.

I have been making jewelry for five years now. I started by just playing around with it, and now, I have experimented with many different kinds of techniques and materials, including recycled paper, copper and metals, pearls, glass, even natural elements that I find lying around like dried leaves, seeds and little pine cones. Currently I am using colored ribbon, creating an Atlantis inspired line of earrings and pendants. I change my techniques and materials quite often, at least once each season, and I often receive inspiration about what to do. I also use this kind of inspiration about colors, shapes and forms in the beautiful dishes I prepare when I am cooking.

Magnolia - 2

Craving a creative life?

Artistic dynamics bring the spark of creativity into the 10 day AMINE’ program – starting December 29 and all through 2016 – and the 3 month New Life program in Damanhur.








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