Sailors in the sea of time

Jan 06, 16 Sailors in the sea of time

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I chose to take part in the three-year Mystery School program at the Damanhur University in 2007; I was part of the first group that started when this program was launched, going to great lengths to participate. Riding a series of trains for eight hours from Perugia and back again – where I was studying Italian intensively at the University and facing the icy first real winter of my life. Every month making the trek to Damanhur for Mystery School weekend courses… moving through some foggy grey, smoky and overcrowded scenes at the Milan train station that felt like the end of the world. It was a lot of effort though it was well worth it. What I was learning and experiencing at Damanhur shifted my worldview and perspective on reality, and it gave me additional tools to intervene on the course of events in my life and beyond.

shell spiralOne of the courses in this powerful series of experiences in reawakening is Spiritual Physics, which is taught in three levels of deepening exploration, and it was there that I really began to understand what Damanhur is about, what’s really happening here. Spiritual technologies utilized to intervene on synchronicity, magical operations to regain spiritual freedom for humanity, cycles of reincarnation with evolving soul structures and inner personalities, entering into the laws of reality that govern our universe, and experimenting with Time. This is what really opened a window of wonder and consciousness for me. Learning how a new timeline of peace and preservation of the divine spark of humankind has been deliberated created in a very specific outpost in the sea of time… and how we are in an ongoing battle to maintain the solidity of this timeline leading to a new future.

Well, even beyond talk of the new timeline, called the “Separation of Planes,” I would say that this is one of the most fascinating areas of research in Damanhur, exploring the nature of the “time territory” we can move through in non-linear ways, the “time kingdom” where parallel branches develop and time flows differently, and “time seeds” to orient the flow of events, initiate new sequences and modify the effects of the past on the present. “Time satellites” that are launched and send information to have feedback in this playing field beyond a cause and effect flow of events. We can even hypothesize a theory about time travel!



If you feel you have a special relationship with time and have always related to it in a non-linear way, I recommend taking part in the Spiritual Physics course at the Damanhur University January 30 – 31, 2016 to understand more about the true nature of time, and also magical technology, reincarnation, cosmogenesis and more!

In addition to Spiritual Physics in the Mystery School program at the Damanhur University in Italy, Mystery School is now offered in North America as well, with a number of groups and sessions in Colorado.

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