Enchanted woods and world community

Jan 13, 16 Enchanted woods and world community

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Jasmine, 18 years old from Seattle Washington, and Jonah, 24 years old from Portland, Oregon share about the joys and trials of discovering Destination Damanhur, from intergalactic temple voyages to digging in the dirt. They came to Damanhur for the 10 day Amine’ program and are staying at Dendera nucleo community in work exchange before going to India to visit Auroville and follow the path of synchronicity.


Jasmine tells us:

I am traveling to research land based communities, especially spiritual ones. I first heard about Damanhur from a friend who is an Auroville resident and a member of the Global Ecovillage Network. She recommended going to Damanhur, and I decided to do so since it is at a halfway point between home and Auroville. The Amine program was just the right timing for my trip, and it was perfect since I was seeking something beyond a tourist experience, something deep and introspective.

Sacred Woods TempleThe experiences that impacted me the most were in the Sacred Woods Temple, which has so many aspects of life on Earth that are exciting to me. Nature spirits. Connection with non-human beings. It felt like such a gift and honor to enter into the woods as a visitor, to feel welcomed and embraced as I was walking the labyrinths. I also had communicative experiences with the trees. When I was in the pranatherapy healing spiral, there was a tree that grabbed my attention, and I felt as if it were recognizing life in me as well. We were breathing together and hugging in union. The tree showed its heart to me; I sensed it as a light green and orange field, and it spurred me to do the same, open my heart.

I experienced a lot of personal healing during the Amine’ program. It was to be expected, being so close together in a group… it amplifies life. Things that we have on the underside of our being come out in full light. I experienced this directly. Some of the members of the group didn’t have such an easy time looking at the healing process happening inside them them. The intensity of the experience is wonderful though, going into the Temples of Humankind on the second day, going right into the heart of the community. I have cherished speaking with the really wise people who live here. It’s inspiring! When I have three months, I’m coming back for the New Life program.


Jonah speaks about his experience as well:

I decided a few years ago that I want to live in land based community, and I’ve been exploring different communities since then, seeing if I find one I want to make more of a commitment to. I might just keep learning about community and start my own someday. I am in an international travel journey for this process. I heard about Damanhur from our friend in Auroville whom I met at Burning Man.

Jasmine and JonahWhat impacted me the most during the Amine’ program wasn’t just one moment, it was seeing the actualized culture of Damanhur. It’s a place where magic is really alive. A lot of things that I have explored and that are important to me are considered normal here, and it’s not just accepted, it’s encouraged as part of the culture! It’s really different compared to what I am used to, where people make judgements about things being “weird” or “fake.”

In terms of challenges, being here with a partner was very intense. Balancing our connection with exploring this new place and all the things we are interested in. There were a lot of new experiences for both of us, and we were both trying to digest these new experiences, which threw me off my normal state of being, adding a stress on our connection that is not usually there.

I would recommend coming to Damanhur for the Amine’ program or a visit to anyone who is interested in community in general and especially spiritual community. I felt well received and taken care of and comfortable.


Thank you for sharing about your journey of discovery, Jasmine and Jonah. All the best for your travels, community experience and manifesting your dreams!





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