New dimensions of healing

Feb 24, 16 New dimensions of healing

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There is deep need for healing on all levels: individual, relational, political and ecosystem. Spiritual Healers of the world are contributing to the healing of people, and of the Earth in resonance, increasing a sense holistic well-being, openness and expansion to life. Based on over 40 years of direct research in the field of natural healing, at Damanhur we offer the School for Spiritual Healers. It’s a three year journey of self-discovery to awaken innate healing power, with training in Pranatherapy. The Damanhur University is offering the next intensive course for Spiritual Healers April 23 – May 7, 2016, and a 250 Euro discount on the price is available if you register by March 1st.


We spoke with some of the current participants of the School for Spiritual Healers to receive some insights about it:

Even if you are an experienced healer, it can be a very useful training. Megan Wagner, an author and therapist from California shares that, “I personally transformed a lot even though I have been healing clients for 30 years. I have new energies to give to my individual and group healer practice.”

Elena – a doctor from Italy – says, “I have space to increase my awareness of who I am and why I chose to be a health professional. I am discovering the importance of sensing and feeling, and the power of mastering breathing. Pranatherapy is important because it takes the energetic dimension of a person into account and considers health from a very expanded point of view, as well as the importance of self-healing, the fact that healing depends on the person him or herself and not the healer. Pranatherapy is a technique that can be integrated with conventional medicine; we just need to create space for it.”

Spiritual HealersAbout being a healer, Eva Pauline from Lillehammer, Norway says, “I feel the responsibility and I am honored.”

Andrea from Germany thinks that the School for Spiritual Healers is unique because it was developed by a group of active healers, not just a single person, and the training is from a group of diverse instructors. She appreciates the solidity of the program, the concepts that are verified before being taught, and the very practical teaching that stimulates personal responsibility.

Gertrude, a Spiritual Healer from Vienna says, “The Healers School changed my point of view on life, and the phrase ‘Praying with your hands’ motivated me to activate a talent that was hidden in me, and from this, 320 abstract paintings were born! Also, what is different from other schools is that in the Damanhur School, I am guided my whole life as a therapist, with yearly appointments of energetic purification. It’s a path that makes it possible for me to always maintain a connection with Damanhur. The way the knowledge is transmitted is enchanting.”


Whether it is to participate in the School for Spiritual Healers or to experience the healing energies of Damanhur’s Temples of Humankind and Sacred Woods Temple, there is space here to be present and explore. Come Visit!