What happens in the Open Temple?

Mar 11, 16 What happens in the Open Temple?

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The Open Temple is a sacred space in Damanhur dedicated to freedom and openness, being open to different spiritual paths and philosophies. It was constructed in the mid 1980, and the artists were passionate about experimenting with new techniques in sculpture and building that they had hardly ever used before, and also in using their intuition to tune into the magical and spiritual significance of their collective creation.

Damanhurians currently use the space of the Open Temple for rituals and community gatherings and meetings of all colors and sizes.

The Temple is open for individuals and groups who visit Damanhur from all over the world to express their unique connection with the sacred. Each person can express their own faith and spiritual path, and the space has been used by the 13 Grandmothers, indigenous shamans, Buddhist monks, and many other spiritual leaders and practitioners in ritual, prayer and celebration of life and the divine.

Open Temple 1At Damanhur, we seek answers to the fundamental questions of life within ourselves, in a space where all the answers are held, where we can listen to our inner divinity. Ritual space in the Open Temple offers an opening to communicate with divine within and beyond us. The Oracle ritual held every full moon since 1985 is a window of communication with the Oracle forces, not just one divinity but a group of divine forces who bridge space and time to provide answers and insight.

Cobra Alloro, an artist of the Open Temple says of the space, “It is an instrument to attract and concentrate divine energies that are useful for the evolution of humanity. We need to create an ever closer symbiosis between the divine plane and the material plane. Humans are a ‘bridge form,’ so we need to connect with this more subtle part of ourselves, where there is energy, because it is part of our evolution to unite these planes.”

Marriage ceremonies are often held in the Open Temple for Damanhur citizens as well as friends, who feel called to celebrate the sacrednesOpen Temples of love with the open sky, sunlight, wind and trees blessing the union. Funeral ceremonies are held as well, to honor the life of community members who are continuing their soul’s journey in the beyond.

The space of the Open Temple is a space for artistic expression, music, dance and theatre performances, with a classic amphitheater stage and raised seating nestled in the hills and trees. Cultural events are sometimes held by friends of Damanhur as well, in the spirit of diversity, new visions and expression.

Whether it is union of the divine and human dimensions, between partners in love, a community in shared creativity, or spiritual seekers of the world expressing their faiths, the Open Temple is a space of inclusivity, authentic connection and communication.







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