Restoring the Open Temple floor

Mar 25, 16 Restoring the Open Temple floor

nal_lao_tujl_art_creativity copyFRIDAY . ART & CREATIVITY

At Damanhur we have recently launched an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for the restoration of one of our most precious sacred spaces, the Open Temple of Damjl, starting with the flooring of the Temple. Click here to see the campaign, donate and spread the word!

What changes can you expect to see in the Open Temple as a result of the funding?

Soon the artists will proceed with renewing the floor, bringing back a pristine luster to areas where time and weather conditions have worn away the surface of the floor. The philosophical significance and uses of the Temple call for it to be open, not just in spirit but physically as well. This leaves it vulnerable to damagefloor3 due to rain, ice, and freeze-thaw during the winter. So, the red part of the floor has gradually deteriorated, letting rainwater penetrate it and creates cracks.

The five wide steps on which the columns stand will be resurfaced using a technique known as “terrazzo,” and the circular spiral patterns and lines on the surface will be redrawn.  The image below is a partial view of the two steps that have already been completed.

Cantaride, a Damanhurian artist says of the Open Temple steps, “They are colored and drawn with elements that are part of our tradition, our spiritual practices and exercises, which we have developed to realign both the physical and inner dimension. All those who participate in this practice can find a kind of re-equilibrium and discover new aspects of themselves. So the floor is an ascent. floor1It is a path to arrive to a sacred point with a different kind of knowing about the most subtle and elevated sides of ourselves.”

This a crucial time on the planet for the evolution of humanity. For us, spiritual evolution is very practical, bringing divine potential into material works, “divinizing” matter, expressing the divinity within through our actions and creations. By participating in the renewal of the Open Temple, you are joining Damanhur’s community of dreamers in taking a step toward spiritual unity and wholeness. Transforming and restoring this Temple will keep its mission alive and vibrant.

We are grateful for your thoughts and contribution!

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