Damanhur News: Open to spring renewal

Apr 07, 16 Damanhur News: Open to spring renewal
Music and singing in the Open Temple

There is place in Damanhur that is a Dream. In this place, we sit and listen to the voice of the wind and the song of the trees. We watch the full moon with the rhythm of drums in the background. We welcome peoples from all over the world because we celebrate the richness of diverse spiritual traditions. It is a place that unites us, bringing together threads of humanity in these uncertain times, to reawaken awareness in each one of us that we are part of a single Soul.

This place is the Open Temple. We began to build it in 1985, with everyone’s hands-on participation and our enthusiasm rising as the columns rose toward the sky. Now the Open Temple needs maintenance work, because year after year the wide steps have begun to deteriorate. The restoration of the floor is the first step in an extended project that will involve the columns and statues in the future. We have done our best to get to this point. Now, we would be so very grateful to have your support in bringing this first step to a successful conclusion!

You can help us in many ways, and we are infinitely grateful! 

· Offer a donation through the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

· Share the Indiegogo campaign through your social networks, clicking on the Facebook, Twitter, etc. icons to the left of the video on the Indiegogo page

· Let the world know that you contributed to this campaign and encourage others to do the same! It’s very easy, use #dhopentemple

· Forward this to your friends, letting them know about the project.

Thank you for your support, and thank you for your thoughts too!

Damanhur Welcome & University


2-3: Learning to Guide the Emotions
6: 3 Day Visit
20-23: 3 Day Visit
21: Rite of the Oracle, full moon
23-24: Ancient Civilizations and Pre-Atlantis History
23-May 7: Spiritual Healers School 1st yr intensive
24-29: 5 Day Visit


4-7: 3 Day Visit
7-8: Spiritual Physics
14-15: Inner Harmonization
18-21: 3 Day Visit
22: 5 Day Visit
22: Rite of the Oracle, full moon
22-31: AMINE’ Program
25-28: 3 Day Visit
28-29: Astral Travel


1-4: 3 Day Visit
4-5: Communication with the Plant World
8-11: 3 Day Visit
11-18: Color Therapy intensive
15-19: 3 Day Visit Special Summer Solstice
16-25: AMINE’ Program
17-18: Inner Senses
18-19: Damanhurian Art
18-19: Contact with the Cosmos
19: 5 Day Visit
20: Rite of the Oracle, full moon
22-26: 3 Day Visit Special Summer Solstice
25-26: Past Lives Research
29-July 2: 3 Day Visit


1-10: AMINE’ Program
2-17: Community School 1st year intensive
6-9: 3 Day Visit
9-10: Inner Personalities
13-16: 3 Day Visit
16-17: Communication with the Plant World
19: Rite of the Oracle, full moon
20-23: 3 Day Visit
23-24: Metratura
23-24: Divination and Tarot
24-29: 5 Day Visit
27-30: 3 Day Visit
30-31: Damanhurian Art
30-Aug 14: Damanhurian Art School 1st year intensive

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Art and creativityWhat happens in the open temple

Wedding in the open temple

The Temple is open for individuals and groups to express their unique connection with the sacred. Ritual space in the Open Temple offers an opening to communicate with divine within and beyond us. There is space for artistic expression, music, dance and theatre performances, with a classic amphitheater stage and raised seating nestled in the hills and trees.

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Live CommunityRestoring the Open Temple floor

The Open Temple has no roof

Artists will proceed with renewing the Open Temple floor, bringing back a pristine luster to areas where time and weather conditions have worn away the surface. The philosophical significance and uses of the Temple call for it to be open, not just in spirit but physically as well. The floor is an ascent. It is a path to arrive at a sacred point with a different kind of knowing about the most subtle and elevated sides of ourselves.

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Astrology Forecast April

Full Moon Oracle Response

Create Sustainability
Visions of the Open Temple

Open Temple in the spring

A photo album of the Open Temple in all seasons and stages.

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Edge of Reason

rose red

Video of the Temples of Humankind featured as one the most “out-there” locations on the planet.

Damanhur in the World

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Greifenstein 1.April: Weg der Spirituellen Freiheit
München 2.April: Die Kunst des aktiven Träumens
Syke-Leerßen 9.April: Vergangene Leben
Queichhambach 30.April: Vergangene Leben
Heimsheim 4.Mai: Vortrag: Astralreisen
Heimsheim 4.Mai: Seminar Astralreisen 1
Horn-Bad Meinberg 3.Juni: Event: Damanhur in Deutschland
Neustadt Aisch 9.Juli: Seminar: Die Magie des Tarots
Neustadt Aisch 9.Juli: Vortrag: Synchronizität
Sardinien 25. September: Magische Ferien


Hallersdorf 22.April: Synchronizität
Hallersdorf 23.April: Seminar Vergangene Leben


Pfäffikon 7.Mai: Weg der spirituellen Freiheit 2


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 15 Abr: Conferencia: Damanhur y sus Templos
Torrox, Málaga 30 Abr-1 Mayo: Curso Personalidades Internas
Cádiz 14-15 Mayo: Antiguas civilizaciones del hombre e historia pre-Atlantidea


Alentejo 4-5 Jun: A Rota para a Liberdade Espiritual


Oslo 2.-3. apr: Path to Spiritual Freedom: Det kvinnelige
Kristiansand 16.-17. jul: Tidligere livs-kurs
Vestfold 23.-24. jul: Tidligere livs-kurs


Oosterbeek Jul. 8-9: Astral Travel Level 1
Oosterbeek Aug. 28: Contact with Plants
Oosterbeek Nov. 26-27: Astral Travel Level 2

Italy – Baltic States

Damanhur May 18-23: Baltic States (Eesti, Latvija, Lietuvoje) Visit to Damanhur



Santa Cruz Mountains June 18-20: The Power of Ritual
San Rafael June 4-5: Past Life Seminar


Boulder Jul 9-23: Mystery School Year 1
Boulder Aug 10-21: Mystery School Year 2
School for Spiritual Healers
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