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Apr 19, 16 New Life and Amine’ news

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This is a time in Damanhur’s evolution as a spiritual community for opening to the world ever more, cultivating new depths of connection and exchange, and sharing the cornucopia of mystical spaces, community insights and practical tools available here.

The 10 day Amine’ program continues to catalyze new ways of being, giving a special welcome to all those who feel called discover Destination Damanhur, potentially living here as a citizen or otherwise staying connected in heart spaces and ones of dreaming and collaboration.

The New Life program was launched in October 2010 and the first participants arrived on 10.10.10. New Life invites people from all over the world to live in Damanhur as a citizen residing in our nucleo communities for three months, participating in a full program of lessons and experiences. It is a synchronic journey that offers fertile ground for deep personal transformation and growth, as well as the adventure of a group community experience.

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Today, six years later, we have created a new New Life program. Starting in August 2016, New Life offers the Path to Spiritual Freedom of the Damanhur School of Meditation, and more. If want to find an alternative way of living, using the power of unity to achieve practical goals and actively change the world… if you would like to create your own community, explore your soul path, find others who share the same values and establish lifelong friendships, New Life offers you a space of exploration and action!


What is included in New Life:

Spiritual Vision: the Path to Spiritual Freedom with 8 steps involving the 8 Quesiti and meditations in the halls of the Temples of Humankind, birth and death, the Popolo Spirituale, Spiritual Physics
Live Community: social structure, steps of growth and the history of the community, economy, education, health and healing, the Constitution, visiting all the community regions of Damanhur
Art and Creativity
Inner Harmonization
Sacred Dance
Deep contact with nature and communication with trees
Stone labyrinths for walking meditations
Group dynamics as a tool of personal growth
Italian language lessons
Practical contributions in service to home and community


The 3 month program starts:
August 2016
November 2016
February 2017
May 2017
August 2017


For more details contact


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