An evening of music and magic at the Open Temple

Apr 20, 16 An evening of music and magic at the Open Temple

vel_olamj_come_visit copyWEDNESDAY. COME VISIT




Have you visited the Open Temple Renewal Project recently? Just like the Open Temple, it is evolving in new and exciting ways. One of the changes is the addition of the a new perk, which is a concert coupled with a lovely, intimate candlelit dinner for you and a guest of your choice. Are you eager to hear stories about the magical process of building this temple? If so, you are in luck because this is a unique opportunity to get all of your questions answered and share a dedicated moment with artists up close and personal, to understand their personal motivations and connection to this beautiful space.

Open Temple sunset

What else makes this dinner in the Open Temple so special? This is a time to come together, express and explore your own connection to spirit, to open spaces within yourself. Here in Damanhur, we feel that everything that that we do physically on the material plane is also something we are doing inside ourselves. So with the action of building or reconstructing a temple, we are also rebuilding the temple that lies within each of us. Through our actions on the physical plane, we also grow as individuals and as a Popolo Spirituale.

“Evolution is the process of passing through many transformations, recognizing the importance of changing from who we were before, growing and always learning something new. This growth is collective, both physical and spiritual as the soul of the Popolo. As we constructed the Open Temple, there was an amplification, expansion and change. In the beginning of Damanhur, we didn’t have any professional artists among us, and we became artists by working on the temples we were creating. There was learning and growth, and now the art has become more refined, and we as a Popolo have become more refined as well.”

~ Cobra Alloro, Open Temple artist


This dinner and concert under the stars in the Open Temple is an encounter in a space created with the intention of holding powerful spiritual energies, as well as being a meeting place for the peoples of the world. While dining, we will use this time to dream of a bright future together, with a vision of opening to each other and to the world on a deeper level.


Open Temple 1