Dreaming in the Open Temple

Apr 29, 16 Dreaming in the Open Temple

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“The Open Temple is like a big spaceship… It’s a living presence.”

~Passero Olmo, Open Temple artist


Have you seen that we added a new perk on the Open Temple Renewal Project indiegogo page? It is a guided dream journey called “Sogni d’oro” (Dreams of Gold). We chose this name because sleeping in the Open Temple is like receiving spiritual gold. You will be guided by a Damanhurian who has dedicated time and energy to exploring the connection with the Open Temple in the dream state and on the astral plane, investigating the Temple’s magical characteristics.

Open Temple2On the physical plane, the Open Temple is comprised of a floor with patterns for spiritual exercises, an amphitheater, columns, all the visible aspects. However on the subtle level, there is much more happening. Every part of the Temple is alive. Each column has a particular function and is also associated with a tarot card. One of these columns is dedicated to connecting to dreams and the astral plane. Choosing this perk is an opportunity to explore the realms that can only be perceived during the dreamtime.

The dream column is only one of many components of the Open Temple that was made with alchemical and magical procedures, infusing the materials with energy and the emotions of the community too. The energetic aspect of the Open Temple has been gradually increasing for 31 years, alongside the social density of events in time, including rituals, weddings, music and theatre performances, community marketplaces and more. The elements are alive, and those who are sensitive can feel this.

The Open Temple is a precious sacred space, a place for the spiritual and religious beliefs of humanity to express themselves and co-exist in harmony. We launched this campaign because the Temple needs maintenance, and we are grateful for your involvement!

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Con voi!