Damanhur News: To command time, you need to dream with energy

May 09, 16 Damanhur News: To command time, you need to dream with energy
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Time is the true wealth of every human being. Sometimes it slips away fast and a month seems like a year. Filling our days with meaning, keeping on the path of our dreams, this is the best way to navigate the sea of time and maintain a sense of direction, especially in these times that are so uncertain for humankind.

In order to give energy to the dream of a humanity united by the values of solidarity and practical spirituality, to continue nurturing the prospect of a better way of life, we have decided to transform the New Life program and offer an experience that is further enriched with new opportunities.

Our goal is to help all those who participate in the New Life or Amine’ program to feel certain that, together with others, they can radically change their lives for the better.

This is the most precious message from Damanhur! With perseverance and determination, we can change the world around us, and through our example, influence millions of others… believing, dreaming and creating a new world together.

Come and participate!

Damanhur Welcome & University


4-7: 3 Day Visit
7-8: Spiritual Physics
14-15: Inner Harmonization
18-21: 3 Day Visit
22-26: 5 Day Visit
22: Rite of the Oracle, full moon
22-31: AMINE’ Program
25-28: 3 Day Visit
28-29: Astral Travel


1-4: 3 Day Visit
4-5: Communication with the Plant World
8-11: 3 Day Visit
11-18: Color Therapy intensive
15-19: 3 Day Visit Special Summer Solstice
16-25: AMINE’ Program
17-18: Inner Senses
18-19: Damanhurian Art
18-19: Contact with the Cosmos
19-24: 5 Day Visit
20: Rite of the Oracle, full moon
22-26: 3 Day Visit Special Summer Solstice
25-26: Past Lives Research
29-July 2: 3 Day Visit


1-10: AMINE’ Program
2-17: Community School 1st year intensive
6-9: 3 Day Visit
9-10: Inner Personalities
13-16: 3 Day Visit
16-17: Communication with the Plant World
19: Rite of the Oracle, full moon
20-23: 3 Day Visit
23-24: Metratura
23-24: Divination and Tarot
24-29: 5 Day Visit
27-30: 3 Day Visit
30-31: Damanhurian Art
30-Aug 14: Damanhurian Art School 1st year intensive


3-6: 3 Day Visit
6-Sept 3: Ecovillage Design Education
6-7: Alchemy
8-17: AMINE’ Program
10-13: 3 Day Visit
13-14: Sacred Dance
16-30: Spiritual Healers School 1st year intensive
17-20: 3 Day Visit
18: Rite of the Oracle, full moon
20-21: Communication with the Plant World
24-27: 3 Day Visit
27-28: Past Lives Research
28-Sept 2: 5 Day Visit
31-Sept 3: 3 Day Visit

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live communityNew Life program change

new lifers

Starting in August 2016, the 3 month New Life program will be transformed to include the Path to Spiritual Freedom and weekly meditations in the Temples of Humankind.

New Life invites people from all over the world to live in Damanhur as a citizen residing in our nucleo communities, participating in a full program of lessons and dynamics on a social and spiritual level, for community and transformational experiences.

The new New Life program starts in August and November of 2016. Join us!

The 10 day Amine’ program continues to catalyze new ways of being, giving a special welcome to all those who feel called discover Destination Damanhur, potentially living here as a citizen or otherwise staying connected in heart spaces and ones of dreaming and collaboration.

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Live CommunityOpen Temple Renewal Project

The Open Temple has no roof

We are now entering into the second month of the Open Temple crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, and the excitement is growing! We have raised over 8,000 Euro so far, and we thank you so much for donating a spreading the word! To creatively celebrate the contributions coming in, we have added new perks including an exclusive candlelight dinner with the artists in the Open Temple accompanied by a Damanhurian music performance.

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Astrology Forecast May

Full Moon Oracle Response

share experiences
We Do Happiness

Open Temple in the spring

Damanhur shares a message the UN International Day of Happiness

Animal Communication Chronicles


Lemming Cactus tells about relating with animals as social and spiritual beings

Damanhur in the World

Share ExperiencesDamanhur in a City Near You



Heimsheim 4.Mai: Vortrag: Astralreisen
Heimsheim 4.Mai: Seminar Astralreisen 1
Horn-Bad Meinberg 3.Juni: Event: Damanhur in Deutschland
Horn-Bad Meinberg 3. Juni: Vergangene Leben
Maulbronn 11. Juni: Vergangene Leben
Neustadt Aisch 9.Juli: Seminar: Die Magie des Tarots
Neustadt Aisch 9.Juli: Vortrag: Synchronizität
Syke-Leerßen 20. August: Vergangene Leben
Sardinien 25. September: Magische Ferien


Pfäffikon 7.Mai: Weg der spirituellen Freiheit 2
Bäretswill 6. August: Vergangene Leben


Alentejo 4-5 Jun: A Rota para a Liberdade Espiritual

Italy – Baltic States

Damanhur May 18-23: Baltic States (Eesti, Latvija, Lietuvoje) Visit to Damanhur


Sandefjord 4.-5. juni Veien til spirituell frigjøring: Det mannlige
Haugesund 11.-12. juni Kontakt med planteverdenen
Kristiansand 16.-17. jul: Tidligere livs-kurs


Oosterbeek Jul. 8-9: Astral Travel Level 1
Oosterbeek Aug. 28: Contact with Plants
Oosterbeek Nov. 26-27: Astral Travel Level 2



Community Call: listen from anywhere May 7: Co-creating Wise Communities
Bradley May 28-29: Lightning in the Bottle Festival. Introduction to Damanhur – talk and panel
Santa Cruz Mountains June 4-5: Past Life Seminar
Santa Cruz Mountains June 18-20: The Power of Ritual


Boulder Jul 9-23: Mystery School Year 1
Boulder Aug 10-21: Mystery School Year 2
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