Damanhur News: The Open Temple thanks you, and we do too

Jun 09, 16 Damanhur News: The Open Temple thanks you, and we do too
Im sitting here, breathing. In this place so alive, plants and spirits approach me and speak to me

In the last two months we have launched a fundraising campaign to renovate the floor of the Open Temple through the web platform Indiegogo. It is the first time we have used this medium, and we have learned so many things!

We have not yet reached the total amount needed to finish the work, so as we close the Indiegogo page, we will continue the campaign through our website for another month. We really believe in this project and that the funds needed to build the floor will come.

If you have not been able to make a donation yet or to spread this message to your friends, know that you still have time!  

Here are some reasons why it would be wonderful for you to help us:

· Because, beyond money, the most beautiful thing in the world is to feel the support of others.

· Because, in addition to our personal gratitude, the place itself will be grateful to you, that is, the Open Temple and the spirits who reside within it. They are magical and loving creatures and their way of thanking you is to guide synchronic events.

· Because giving is a powerful gesture that enriches those who give as well as those who receive.

· Because we would be happy and grateful for the support!

If this resonates with you, please click here to support.

If you have a positive thought, please send it to us and and we will add it to ours and transform it into a brick which we will put into the floor!

With gratitude, “noi siamo con te!” (We are with you!)

Damanhur Welcome & University


1-4: 3 Day Visit
4-5: Communication with the Plant World
8-11: 3 Day Visit
11-18: Color Therapy intensive
15-19: 3 Day Visit Special Summer Solstice
16-25: AMINE’ Program
17-18: Inner Senses
18-19: Damanhurian Art
18-19: Contact with the Cosmos
19-24: 5 Day Visit
20: Rite of the Oracle, full moon
22-26: 3 Day Visit Special Summer Solstice
25-26: Past Lives Research
29-July 2: 3 Day Visit


1-10: AMINE’ Program
2-17: Community School 1st year intensive
6-9: 3 Day Visit
9-10: Inner Personalities
13-16: 3 Day Visit
16-17: Communication with the Plant World
19: Rite of the Oracle, full moon
20-23: 3 Day Visit
23-24: Metratura
23-24: Divination and Tarot
24-29: 5 Day Visit
27-30: 3 Day Visit
30-31: Damanhurian Art
30-Aug 14: Damanhurian Art School 1st year intensive


3-6: 3 Day Visit
6-Sept 3: Ecovillage Design Education
6-7: Alchemy
8-17: AMINE’ Program
10-13: 3 Day Visit
13-14: Sacred Dance
16-30: Spiritual Healers School 1st year intensive
17-20: 3 Day Visit
18: Rite of the Oracle, full moon
20-21: Communication with the Plant World
24-27: 3 Day Visit
27-28: Past Lives Research
28-Sept 2: 5 Day Visit
31-Sept 3: 3 Day Visit


3-4: Mediumship
7-10: 3 Day Visit
10-11: Metratura
14-17: 3 Day Visit Special Autumn Equinox
15: Oracle
17-18: Alchemy
17-Oct 2: Alchemy School 1st year intensive
17-18: Ways of the Dream
17-18: Contact with the Cosmos
18-23: 5 Day Visit
21-24: 3 Day Visit
24-25: Communication with the Plant World
24-25: Discovering Ourselves

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share experiencesNassim Haramein bridging spirituality and science

new lifers

We had the honor of hosting Nassim Haramein, founder and research director of the Resonance Project Foundation, having several hours of meaning conversation with him in a small group of Spiritual Physics experts and also in a wider context with all Damanhurians. “It’s one thing to say ‘All is one,’ and it’s another thing to have scientific proof of this fact,” Nassim said. “Since I was very young, I was interested in how the world works. We can create technology that can change everything we do in the world. Though we must understand that technology is connected to consciousness; these two facets are intertwined and cannot be seen separately.”

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share experiencesNew Life: Amanda from Zambia

new lifers

Amanda, a cultural anthropology researcher from Zambia studying in Utrecht shared her impressions shared her impressions of Damanhur through the New Life program. “There is a group of people who are so different from one another, yet they find a way to mesh and live together with so much love and acceptance. I was surprised by the diversity, all the different ways Damanhurians live the experience being here. It’s like everything is provided here, all the ingredients, and you mix up your own way of being.”

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Astrology Forecast June

Full Moon Oracle Response

share experiences
Music of the Plants

Open Temple in the spring

Live interspecies concert with Danish musicians and an orchid plant

Animal Communication Chronicles


Fringuello shares about animals and their unique personalities and needs

Damanhur in the World

Share ExperiencesDamanhur in a City Near You



Neustadt Aisch 8. Juli: Vortrag: Synchronizität
Neustadt Aisch 9. -10. Juli: Seminar: Die Magie des Tarots
Syke-Leerßen 20.-21. Aug: Vergangene Leben
Sardinien 25. Sept – 2. Okt: Magische Ferien
Heimsheim 7. Okt: Vortrag: Damanhur – Stadt des Lichts
Heimsheim 8.-9. Okt: Seminar: Vergangene Leben


Bäretswil 6. August: Vergangene Leben


Söding – St. Johann 1. Juli: Vortrag: Damanhur – Stadt des Lichts
Söding – St. Johann 2.-3. Juli: Seminar: Vergangene leben


Madrid 9-10 julio: Camino hacia la libertad espiritual 6º Encuentro: “la vida, la unión de lo masculino y lo femenino”


Tamera (Colos) 24-25 Setembro: A Rota para a Liberdade Espiritual


Nykarleby 30.-31. jul Course: Past Lives Research


Sandefjord 4.-5. juni: Veien til spirituell frigjøring: Det mannlige
Haugesund 10. juni: Hør plantene spille!
Haugesund 11.-12. juni: Kontakt med planteverdenen
Kristiansand 16.-17. juli: Tidligere livs-kurs
Vestfold 23.-24. juli: Tidligere livs-kurs
Stavanger 13. aug: Kurs i selvhelbredelse


Oosterbeek Jul. 8-9: Astral Travel Level 1
Oosterbeek Aug. 28: Contact with Plants
Oosterbeek Nov. 26-27: Astral Travel Level 2



Santa Cruz Mountains June 18-20: The Power of Ritual


Boulder Jul 9-23: Mystery School Year 1
Boulder Aug 10-21: Mystery School Year 2


Southport July 1: Introduction to Damanhur
Sydney July 7: Introducing Damanhur
Sydney July 8: Experience with plants and their music
Perth Hills July 22-24: Healing principles and self-healing retreat
Perth Hills July 24-26: Healing principles and self-healing retreat
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