Damanhur news: Do you know your tree?

Jul 13, 16 Damanhur news: Do you know your tree?
Research in the Sacred Wood

Do you know your tree?

Have you ever perceived trees as tall antennae that, from the earth to the sky, keep this planet connected to the entire universe through a powerful, subtle network? They are ancient creatures, a Mother World to discover.

We are immersed in Summer Solstice. It is the culmination of a cycle that involves all living beings on the planet, including the world of trees.

In these days, let your mind quiet down. Take some time away from the noise of everyday life. Go and find a tree and get into contact with it. In that moment you can feel the slow beating of its heart. That is when a door opens. The open door is that of the heart: your heart and the tree’s, united with those of all other beings connected to the spiritual network that envelops the planet through the trees. If you breathe, slowly and deeply, you can lose the sense of solid boundaries around your body, feeling the joy that flows with the lymph in the body of the tree, this being so different from you, and yet so near.

In Damanhur each one of us chooses a tree and establishes a connection. In the Sacred Woods Temple the trees that are connected to humans in this way have a sign for us to be able to recognize them. It is a thin cord rope that indicates this kind of link between different beings.

Walking in the Sacred Woods Temple and observing how many trees have these cords around their trunks, it’s exciting! It offers us hope for a bright future. Listen to the song of the trees and discover how much these extraordinary creatures can transmit to us…

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1-4: 3 Day Visit
4-5: Communication with the Plant World
8-11: 3 Day Visit
11-18: Color Therapy intensive
15-19: 3 Day Visit Special Summer Solstice
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17-18: Contact with the Cosmos
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24-25: Communication with the Plant World
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8-17: AMINE’ Program
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15-16: Past Lives Research 5th level
16: Rite of the Oracle, full moon
19-22: 3 Day Visit
29-30: Inner Answers
29-30: Past Lives Research 1st-4th level
29-30: Beyond Life
29-30: Contact with the Cosmos

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create_sustenibilityEcovillage Design Education 2016

new lifers

It’s becoming ever clearer that a different way of life is necessary, to survive as a human species and as a planet. Solutions are needed for community, consciousness, sustainability and new economy. The month-long Ecovillage Design Education course (August 6 – September 3, 2016) explores solutions drawing from Damanhur’s 41 years of experience that have been strongly put to the test. More than a course, it is a transformational journey that touches on so many essential themes of creating a new world.

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research_sperimentationEnergy fields and frequencies in Damanhur

Energy fields and frequencies in Damanhur

Semir Osmanagich, who discovered the pyramids of Bosnia and has done studies on 75 megalithic sites and pyramids around the world, recently shared the results of studies done around Damanhur, showing the exceptional nature of the sacred places here. His research seeks to unite science, spirituality and energy, using various technologies to measure magnetic, electromagnetic, bioenergetic, orgone and scalar energy fields, which are not visible to the naked eye.

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Astrology Forecast July

Full Moon Oracle Response

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Music of the Plants

music of the plants

Listen to the sound of the plant world, making music with conscious awareness.

Senegal sister community


Food conservation education in Guédé Chantier, Senegal

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Neustadt Aisch 8. Juli: Vortrag: Synchronizität
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Syke-Leerßen 20.-21. Aug: Vergangene Leben
Sardinien 25. Sept – 2. Okt: Magische Ferien
Heimsheim 7. Okt: Vortrag: Damanhur – Stadt des Lichts
Heimsheim 8.-9. Okt: Seminar: Vergangene Leben
Queichhambach bei Landau 26.-27. Nov: Seminar: Vergangene Leben


Bäretswil 6. – 7. Aug: Vergangene Leben
Pfäffikon ZH 4. Sept: Seminar: Weg der Spirituellen Freiheit – 2


Söding – St. Johann 1. Juli: Vortrag: Damanhur – Stadt des Lichts
Söding – St. Johann 2.-3. Juli: Seminar: Vergangene leben


Madrid 9-10 julio: Camino hacia la libertad espiritual 6º Encuentro: “la vida, la unión de lo masculino y lo femenino”


Tamera (Colos) 24-25 Set: A Rota para a Liberdade Espiritual


Kristiansand 16.-17. juli: Tidligere livs-kurs
Vestfold 23.-24. juli: Tidligere livs-kurs
Stavanger 13. aug: Kurs i selvhelbredelse


Oosterbeek Jul. 8-9: Astral Travel Level 1
Oosterbeek Aug. 28: Contact with Plants
Oosterbeek Nov. 26-27: Astral Travel Level 2


Manchester Sept 30-Oct 6: Damanhur, Temples, Tree Orientation and more



Sarasota Aug 5-6: Divination


Boulder Aug 9-10: Mystery School Year 1


Camarillo August 13-14: Past Lives Research
Sebastopol Aug 20-21: Past Lives Research
Malibu Aug 27-28: Past Lives Research


Nerang July 1: Introducing Damanhur
Southport July 3: Atlantean History
Southport July 6: Experience with Plants and their Music
Sydney July 7: Introducing Damanhur
Sydney July 8: Experience with plants and their music
Sydney July 9-10: Healing Principles and Self Healing
Subiaco July 15: Introduction to Damanhur
Subiaco July 16-17: The History of Humankind: Atlantis
Mount Helena July 22-24: Healing principles and self-healing retreat
Watermans Bay July 30-31: Music of the Plants and Power of the Elements
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