Horusiadi Games 2016

Aug 02, 16 Horusiadi Games 2016

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The Horusiadi summer games have been held in Damanhur for more than 40 years with the participation of Damanhurians, friends and guests. The different teams are connected to the lands, nucleos and regions within Damanhur, and it is possible to participate by choosing a team and contacting the coordinator. The competitions are related to sports, music, theatre, and more, and they are sometimes combined with other events from Damanhurian tradition or newly invented with a sense of fantasy. There are also competitions inspired by techniques taught by Falco Tarassaco and converted into occasions for play or research.

The most important thing is to experience competition with a purely sportive sense, that is, learning to win and lose with a sense of humor and desire to keep learning. In Damanhur many things were started at the Horusiadi and have since become creations and ways of thinking that have persisted through time. The Scepter and Crown of the King Guides are an example, as they were created during the historical annual games, and they are now enriched with so much complexity as to have become true magical instruments.

HorusiadiThis Horusiadi, we would like to invite Damanhur in the World: the Damanhur Centers, Embassies and groups who are creating nucleos in the world to be involved in the games, through some competitions that can be held in places around Italy and internationally.

This year the Horusiadi are dedicated to the Sacred Woods Temple, and several games are inspired by the woods and held there with this intention. There are also competitions that are held during the celebrations organized in the nucleos during the month of August. The evening of August 31st, Damanhurian New Year’s Eve, there will be an award ceremony for the winning team, with the consignment of a flag and a cup, and prizes for winners of the individual competitions.

The Horusiadi games stared on July 24th with a torch that was lit with the sacred fire at Porta del Sole and carried to the Open Temple in Damjl. This fire will stay lit for the entire duration of the games until the closing ceremony.

The organizers of the games are Alce and Nibbio Origano. To be in touch, please email horusiadi@damanhur.it

Have fun!