Damanhur News: The courage to discover diversity

Aug 08, 16 Damanhur News: The courage to discover diversity
Research in the Sacred Wood

The courage to discover diversity

Diversity is richness… We say this often, but why is it so?

To find out, it is necessary to have the courage to go beyond prejudices and habits, to get out of our comfort zone and encounter something that is different from us.

We need to go out with a smile ready to offer to others.

Listen to someone you do not understand, with openness.

Look someone in the eyes whom you don’t know, without fear.

Welcome observations about what you have said and done, even if you don’t feel you have done something wrong.

Learn that what is excessive for you, it is not so for others, and vice versa.

When this happens, something special happens within us!

The boundaries expand and suddenly there is more space… and the feeling in that moment is the thing that brings us closer to freedom.

Thanks to all of you, for all the moments in which you have had the courage to discover the richness of diversity!

Damanhur Welcome & University


3-6: 3 Day Visit
6-Sept 3: Ecovillage Design Education
6-7: Alchemy
8-17: AMINE’ Program
10-13: 3 Day Visit
13-14: Sacred Dance
16-30: Spiritual Healers School 1st year intensive
17-20: 3 Day Visit
18: Rite of the Oracle, full moon
20-21: Communication with the Plant World
24-27: 3 Day Visit
27-28: Past Lives Research
28-Sept 2: 5 Day Visit
31-Sept 3: 3 Day Visit


3-4: Mediumship
7-10: 3 Day Visit
10-11: Metratura
14-17: 3 Day Visit Special Autumn Equinox
15: Rite of the Oracle, full moon
17-18: Alchemy
17-Oct 2: Alchemy School 1st year intensive
17-18: Ways of the Dream
17-18: Contact with the Cosmos
18-23: 5 Day Visit
21-24: 3 Day Visit
24-25: Communication with the Plant World
24-25: Discovering Ourselves


1-16: Mystery School 1st year intensive
1-2: Spiritual Physics
5-8: 3 Day Visit
8-9: Learning to Guide the Emotions
8-9: Inner Harmonization
8-17: AMINE’ Program
15-16: Alchemy
15-16: Past Lives Research 5th level
16: Rite of the Oracle, full moon
19-22: 3 Day Visit
29-30: Inner Answers
29-30: Past Lives Research 1st-4th level
29-30: Beyond Life
29-30: Contact with the Cosmos


5-6: Research of the Mission
9-12: 3 Day Visit
12-13: Sacred Dance
12-21: AMINE’ Program
13: Rite of the Oracle, full moon
19-20: School for Spiritual Healers 1st year monthly
23-26: 3 Day Visit
26-27: Inner Senses
26-27: Spiritual Physics 3rd level

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create_sustenibilityItalian Ecovillage Network gathering in Vidracco

new lifers

The Italian Ecovillage Network (RIVE) holds a summer gathering every year, and at the end of July it was hosted in the town of Vidracco, Italy with the collaboration of Damanhur. The intention of the gathering is to explore themes connected to sustainability, social dynamics, personal growth and relationships with the local areas around a community.

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research_sperimentationPerformance Alchemy

Energy fields and frequencies in Damanhur

The summer heat is rising and so is the creative fire of our artists as we enter into high season for music, dance and theatre performances in Damanhur. The Art of the Popolo has always been a strong focus for us as a spiritual community, as a way to come together in creative expression and to transform reality through the alchemy of art.

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Astrology Forecast August

Full Moon Oracle Message

share experiences
Voice in the Temples

music of the plants

Kirilola, a Japanese artist offers etheric song and dance

Co-creation of a New Life


Three months at Damanhur living in community and magic

Damanhur in the World

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Chemnitz 10.-11. Sept: Seminar: Basiskurs Alchemie
Sardinien 25. Sept – 2. Okt: Magische Ferien
Heimsheim 7. Okt: Vortrag: Damanhur – Stadt des Lichts
Heimsheim 8.-9. Okt: Seminar: Vergangene Leben
Syke-Leerßen 11. Nov: Vortrag: Weg der Spirituellen Freiheit
Syke-Leerßen 12. – 13. Nov: Seminar. Vergangene Leben
Queichhambach bei Landau 26.-27. Nov: Seminar: Vergangene Leben


Bäretswil 6. – 7. Aug: Vergangene Leben
Pfäffikon ZH 4. Sept: Seminar: Weg der Spirituellen Freiheit – 2


Vestfold 20.-21. aug: Veien til spirituell frigjøring: Kaos
Stavanger 13. aug: Kurs i selvhelbredelse
Oslo 27.-28. aug: Damanhur deltar på Unity-messen


Oosterbeek Aug. 28: Contact with Plants
Oosterbeek Oct. 22-23: Past Lives Research
Oosterbeek Nov. 26-27: Astral Travel Level 2


Tamera (Colos) 24-25 Set: A Rota para a Liberdade Espiritual
Faro 30 Set: Conference: Damanhur – Temples of Humankind
Faro 1-2 Out: Pesquisa Vida Passada


Alderley Edge Sept 30: Damanhur and Tree Orientation
Congleton Oct 1: Damanhur and Music of the Plants
Manchester Oct 2: Damanhur, rituals and connections with the animal world
Manchester Oct 4: Damanhur, rituals and the Temples of Humankind



Boulder Aug 9-10: Mystery School Year 1


Camarillo Aug 13-14: Past Lives Research
Sebastopol Aug 20-21: Past Lives Research
Malibu Aug 27-28: Past Lives Research
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