The many faces of Damanhur

Aug 16, 16 The many faces of Damanhur

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Being part of the Popolo Spirituale of Damanhur means being enriched by the diversity of all the people we are connected with. The diversity of ethnicity and language, talents and skills, personalities and characteristics, stages of life and stories.

Living in Damanhur, we see the faces of the Popolo every day. We know that from afar, it can be hard to maintain a sense of connection with the people and how our lives are evolving. That’s why we are sharing the faces of the Popolo through our social networks such as this photo album on our Damanhur Spiritual EcoCommunity Facebook page.

Here are a few of the souls who make Damanhur a beautiful tapestry of many colors!



“I come to Damanhur because I can find here a view of this world that allows me to dream.” Ayu, from Damanhur Tokyo who has been coming to Damanhur since 2006


Orso and Taira

You may not know that Orso and Taira are brother and sister! Both living in Damanhur for 19 years.


Centauro“I know how to dream” is what is written on Centauro’s t-shirt. He has lived in Damanhur for 15 years.





Calabrone Cocorita MarasoleCalabrone and Cocorita with Mara Sole! One of our newest members of the Popolo.










  1. Lovely. I am with you in spirit and so grateful to be.
    Love, Alina


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