Damanhur News: What does it mean to be a Popolo?

Sep 05, 16 Damanhur News: What does it mean to be a Popolo?
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What does it mean to be a Popolo?

What does it mean to be a Popolo? Being a Popolo means being part of a living essence, which grows along with the feelings and emotions that keep so many people connected together. It is feeling as if you were part of a single being, beyond the diversity that could apparently separate us. Instead, our diversity comes together like many colors in a palette, to create the most beautiful painting ever.

One of our children, who was born in Damanhur 20 years ago, has just returned from Australia after a trip that lasted a little less than a year. Upon his return, in addition to close relatives, there were another 600 people who welcomed him back with joy, hugging him and asking him how his journey went, listening with interest about his achievements.

When I asked him how he was doing, he said, “Coming home to find all this love is a life lesson, something I will never forget. These are the values that matter and that I want to keep in mind for my future choices.”

The bonds that unite people of the same Popolo are strong. They come straight from the heart and create an energy field that anyone can perceive. When we decided to become a Popolo, we were aware that it was a big risk, but we accepted the challenge and launched ourselves into this adventure.

Today, forty years later, our roots are deeply intertwined. Many new people have joined us and our Popolo is growing, to share a seed of hope with all those who are seeking their own. And you, have you found your Popolo?

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create_sustenibilityThe Popoli of the world

new lifers

At Damanhur we have been welcoming representatives of indigenous peoples (popoli) of the Earth to come and share their culture and spiritual traditions with us. We consider the popoli to be the custodians of our relationship with the planet, and through their presence and knowledge, we may honor the diversity of humankind and find solutions for our future.

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research_sperimentationThe many faces of Damanhur

Energy fields and frequencies in Damanhur

Being part of the Popolo Spirituale of Damanhur means being enriched by the diversity of all the people we are connected with. The diversity of ethnicity and language, talents and skills, personalities and characteristics, stages of life and stories… Here are a few of the souls who make Damanhur a beautiful tapestry of many colors!

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Voices of the Popolo Spirituale


What does it mean to be part of the Popolo Spirituale of Damanhur?

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