The roads leading to Damanhur

Sep 14, 16 The roads leading to Damanhur

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With all the visits, courses and events that we hold at Damanhur Welcome and University, the most precious ingredients are the people who come and participate, bringing their unique light and experience. All of our visiting guests have a story about how they felt drawn to come to Damanhur and what is most alive in their experience here. Here are a few of the faces and stories of our most recent guests!

Peter and LonePeter and Lone from Denmark are here at Damanhur for the second time on a personalized program including two meditation sessions in the Temples of Humankind and Spiritual Physics lessons. They are staying at the Damanhur Guest House, and last year they participated in a 5 Day Visit. What they enjoy about Damanhur is the combination of spirituality with science and technology, and ecology and nature as well. Peter has a Ph.D in Physics and likes that Damanhur is not afraid to combine modern physics with spiritual insights and a relationship with nature spirits. They both do meditation and healing work and have a special connection with trees and plants. They say that in Denmark, there are many groups exploring ecology, though they typically have a political stance without a spiritual perspective. They have created a “Friends of Damanhur in Denmark” group on Facebook and share their love for the Music of the Plants in their local area. Welcome back!

leticiaLeticia comes from Argentina where she studied Psychology and was working a job in Human Resources before she left to pursue more fulfilling activities and a spiritual path. She came to Europe and while she was visiting Findhorn, and there she met a woman who had been to Damanhur. Leticia didn’t know much about Damanhur and was considering participating in the 10 day Amine’ program, although in the end she decided to come for the three month New Life program to really dive deep into the experience and get beneath the surface. She feels there is so much to learn here, from spirituality, Selfica, magic and magical tools to social systems and organization, and the new culture being created with art, music and dance. While visiting the Sacred Woods Temple, Leticia felt a particularly strong energy, laughing and feeling almost intoxicated by it. In the Temples of Humankind she very much enjoyed the feeling of being in the Blue Temple, an energy of initiating something with a sense of curiosity and wonder, digging in the rock!

Irene and JosuneIrene and Josune from the Basque country in Spain were stopping by Damanhur for a day by on their way to a permaculture conference in Italy, staying at nucleo community Porta della Terra (Prima Stalla). Upon arrival they felt such a deep spiritual and emotional connection that they decided to skip the conference and stay three more days, visiting the Temples, joining the Popolo Spirituale, meeting with a Damanhur group researching the popoli (peoples) of the world to share about the unique Basque traditions and culture. They have a center in Spain called Amalurra where the intention is spiritual transformation and awakening to the sacred feminine, uniting heaven and earth as a metaphor for all polarities. It is a healing space that hosts groups of people working in the field of transformation. They also work with oracle divinations, so they are very curious to be present at the Oracle ritual of Damanhur at the next full moon. Irene and Josune will also participate in the Equinox ritual on Sunday September 18th in the ritual circle of Damjl. Thank you for carrying your beautiful culture from the Basque region to Damanhur!

We invite you to come to Damanhur for the first time or return to deepen a connection, weaving the color of your life and dreams into the tapestry of our extended family!