Damanhur at the United Nations in Geneva

Oct 27, 16 Damanhur at the United Nations in Geneva

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Damanhur is linked to many different networks and one very important one is the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN). GEN has a consultative status with one of the bodies of the United Nations called the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). As we are part of GEN, Damanhur had the opportunity to present about the twinship with Guedé Chantier in Senegal at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on September 27, 2016. Macaco Tamerice was invited to speak about the project, particularly about the workshop for food conservation that she and Pellicano Altea held in Senegal last March. This project is a concrete demonstration of how a community from the Global South and one from the Global North can support each other and work for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

The UN building in Geneva is the second official headquarters of the UN, and all events related to Human Rights are held here. It expands for a length of about one and a half kilometers and is spread over several floors. It is practically a city, full of conference rooms of all sizes, offices, restaurants, places to talk or make photocopies, internet zones etc. Here state representatives, innumerable Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) representatives, and many people working for the United Nations meet.

unGEN had 90 minutes available for the event, which were split between Kosha Anja Joubert, nominated for the Right Livelihood Award, who spoke about GEN International in general, Leila Dregger from Tamera who reported about the RefuGen project, a Swiss architect who created a connection with sustainability in cities, and Macaco who spoke about our project in Senegal: the twinship with Guedè Chantier.

In the beginning the session was scheduled in one of the best halls, but as states have priority over NGOs, the hall was given to the Prime Minister of Iraq at the last minute, and our presentation was placed in very big area, although it was on the periphery. For this reason, even though all the interested people joined the presentation, unfortunately there were no curious people passing by.

The event raised much interest, and much appreciation was expressed for the project. Also, new connections were made with many people interested in Damanhur and its projects.

It has been a great thrill to be able to talk about Damanhur, Damanhur Education and the Temples in such an important context.





  1. Loretta Hord /

    the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nation is an agenda 2035 depopulation effort mostly directed towards third world countries. It sounds good but as someone who has studied environmental law it is a false paradigm of control. Please do your reseach into these type of agendas before engaging in proxy murder in the name of the earth.

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion. We always welcome diverse viewpoints. While the implementation of any plan can be improved to be more aligned with the ideals, the reason that we connect to the SDGs of the UN is because ideally they support a more just, sustainable and healthy world in economic and social conditions.