Collecting chestnuts in the Sacred Woods Temple

Nov 12, 16 Collecting chestnuts in the Sacred Woods Temple

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Living in the Sacred Woods Temple of Damanhur means waking up in these autumn days immersed in marvelous colors that span all shades of yellow, brown and red. There are mornings when the bosco-castagne-2bright sunlight filters through the foliage of the oak and chestnut trees, making them sparkle and covering them with a truly magical aura. Walking in the woods these days brings about strong emotions and helps me to enter into a sweet and intimate frequency. This year, not only do we walk on a bed of golden leaves, but also on a carpet full of spiny chestnut coverings. The production of chestnuts was very abundant thanks to special care given to the trees. In these days, the Sacred Woods Temple is full of Damanhurians intent on harvest these delicious fruits, with the adults and children all together, playful and happy.