Did your mother understand the strange things you were doing?

The extraordinary things that happen to us are forgotten and reduced to accidental events, until it is time to tell the tale.

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Will the Earth survive disasters caused by humans?

The Earth is secure. The question is whether humans will survive?

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Raising a child in Damanhur

Feb 20, 13 Raising a child in Damanhur

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Capra tells us what it is like to raise her daughter with many co-parents within her nucleo community

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Are Humans the result of Evolution or other influences?

Do modern humans come from monkeys, or have there been other influences from other civilizations, such as extraterrestrials, for example?

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Why do not we remember our past lives?

Thankfully! I’ll give you the example that I always give: imagine that you were Napoleon or Alexander the Great …

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Is it possible to detach from the body with the soul?

…to be able to explore reality through the eyes of the soul, different eyes, not conditioned by other things?

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