What is death really all about?

Oct 24, 13 What is death really all about?

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Death is a part of life and it touches everyone in one form or another. It can be scary, fascinating, and it calls forth some of our deepest emotion and soul questioning…

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Blogging about New Life: impressions from a week in the life of Damanhur

Here’s a blog post from one of our New Life program participants. It gives a glipse of the experiential velocity and expansive learning that happens at Damanhur daily… “Day three in Damanhur. I have joined the New Life program…or is it an Old Life I had once also in Alexandria, Egypt? I’m staying in Casa del Lago with about ten others (a moving population) nestled in a valley of many nature spirits, near Casa della Luna, 20 km from the main Damanhur centre. There is a magnificent view of the snow covered Piedmont range. Its been misty and rainy since I arrived from Tuscany…” Click here to read the full blog post Share Tweet...

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Work, velocity and free time

Oct 03, 10 Work, velocity and free time

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So, Damanhur has a certain structure and organization to it, and it does move at an incredible velocity. My rhythms have changed since I’ve arrived here…

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