Meeting a 2000 year old living being

Jan 18, 15 Meeting a 2000 year old living being

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We woke up in the morning with that extra awareness you can experience when you know that you are about to do something very important. It’s like the excitement of feeling butterflies in the stomach and the presence of the mind and heart, similar to going on Viaggio.

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Petals: Poems by Goblin Cotone

Petals. For some they are colors, for others they are love, What are they for you?

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What is the Viaggio?

It is part of the Game of Life. The Game of LIfe is useful for trying new things that can then become part of everyday life.

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Mountain expedition as spiritual research

Trekking in the mountains, when it is experienced intensely in each moment, is not just recreation or a pastime (and an expensive one at that) for “tuning out” of every day life. For me, it’s a way to find myself when times are rough, and it’s also a kind of meditation, a strong contact with energies that would otherwise be difficult for me to perceive. The adventure starts when I decide to go, in a group or solo. I enjoy the ritual of preparing my backpack, with the classic questions, “What to bring and what to leave at home,” calculating every ounce so as to not be too heavy, and at the same time, having everything I need for the uncertainty of the weather. It’s an intimate moment, difficult to explain. There is no banality in carefully choosing the equipment, and any external interference could jeopardize the success of the venture. Then there is the departure, which charges me with expectations and doubts every time. “Will I be able to face the mountain, or will I be rejected?” Personally, I prefer to go alone. Perhaps it’s more dangerous, but the introspective effect is stronger, and every time I come back with more energy and desire to accomplish things. Purified! I go through several altitude levels while trekking, from the woods until I arrive at rock and maybe glacier. There are many different energies between them, and each one strikes a particular cord in my being. So, if the woods lead to deep introspection with my own “dark” side, the high mountains are a connection with the spiritual, and glaciers seem to touch the divine within each one of us. Heavy thoughts from the hectic everyday life that we have chosen remains in the valley, trapped by friendly trees. It’s just not possible to continue an ascent with fear, anger and resentment. Only those who are light may continue. It has happened to me more than once that I depart with a heavy mood, and...

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