Viaggio (Journey)

The “Viaggio” (Journey), is a very important experience for us. It started in 1983. Our founder, Oberto Airaudi, called Falco in Damanhur, seized a static moment in our community experience. He gathered many people who at that time were gravitating around Damanhur and began to travel with them across Italy. He used the movement as an instrument for growth, inside and outside of oneself…The Viaggio is getting out of patterns. It’s an occasion for each of us to get out of our roles that tend to “get fixed” in a certain personality. On Viaggio, we are all “travelers,” nothing more, so those who are responsible for something, who run a business or have elected roles, on Viaggio, they work on coming out of their roles and renewing the “fresh” parts of themselves that perhaps they cannot express in their work environment. This creates a kind of a traveling micro-society, with functions that are suitable to the moment, where one expresses dynamism and speed, characteristics which are indispensable in that environment. We carry out much research, shared amongst those who are taking part in the Viaggio. We also work alongside Falco in his research regarding spiritual or esoteric physics, which has many similar concepts as quantum physics and the advanced theories that modern science proposes. (When he spoke about it thirty years ago, it seemed crazy, but now…!) These topics deserve to be discussed more in depth, perhaps by creating specific pages dedicated to them.