Damanhur News April 2012: Have you heard Music of the Plants?

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Experimentation with Music of the Plants continues

happy plantsFor several month now at Damjl, we have been doing new research about the world of plants, creating a greenhouse with various kinds of experiments regarding the plant kingdom, from cultivation techniques to technological systems. One of the greenhouses has been converted into a kind of laboratory, in which we are cultivating many kinds of plants, especially flowers, rare and ornamental plants…

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Want to see the Music of the Plants? Watch a popular video about our Singing Plants!

Read another article on Plant Friends from our Damanhur blog.

Gabbiano has passed on

gabbiano in posa Gabbiano was almost 93 years old when he recently died on March 17. Until the end of his life, he was close to Damamhur, a constant example of keeping a sense of humor, living with curiosity and a desire to research and learn.

When a death occurs at Damanhur, it is not considered a moment of division. If anything, it is an opportunity for an even more profound sense of union, of thoughts, intentions and love…Click here to read more.

Everyday Connection

Macaco Tamarice speaks about Damanhur on Everyday Connection on Blogtalk radio…Click here to listen to the interview


Ecovillage Design Education
May 5-June 2


How to Create a Successful Community
May 7-13
July 23-29

What’s Your Tree
June 8-16
August 10-18


An Exploration of Inner Senses
July 9-13


Mystery School
June 29-July 8
Sept 28-Oct 7
first year intensive


School for Spiritual Healers
Aug 20-Sept 4
first year intensive




7 Day Visit
May 27-June 3
June 24-July 1
July 22-29
Aug 25-Sept 2
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3 Day Visit
May 10-13
May 24-27
June 7-10
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Visit the Temples of Humankind
You can visit the Temples of Humankind any day year, by reservation. Give yourself an unforgettable experience. Click here for information about the full day visit or half-day visit.


Great Rituals: Summer Solstice
June 17 or 24, 2012

We invite you to join us at Damanhur for the magical time of Summer Solstice on Sunday, June 17 or 24, 2012.

June 14 – 17, 2012 Summer Solstic 3 day program
Special three day program that includes the Summer Solstice ritual and (optional) Contact with the Cosmos.

Click here for more information and registration for the Summer Solstice event


Damanhur in the World


A Blueprint for Humanity, Damanhur in Australia
Melbourne April 13 – 18
Byron Bay April 20 – 24

Damanhur Ambassadors will be holding events for first time Down Under in Australia! Join us as we explore connections on a new continent! Workshops on Inner Harmonizing, Creating a Successful Community, Atlantis, Selfic healing and more. Click here for details and registration


Mystery School in America
Redwood City, California: May 10 – 14 first session
Boulder, Colorado: May 17 – 22 first session

Discover your personal Mysteries: an Inner Journey of Self Discovery! Courses on Past Life Research, Astral Travel, Spiritual Physics and more.


Damanhur is a collective dream transformed into reality
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Damanhur Open Temple

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