Oracle response for Damanhur, July 3, 2012

Jul 06, 12 Oracle response for Damanhur, July 3, 2012

May the anniversary of the opening of the Temples of Humankind be an occasion to renew the inner openness. Openness to the new, to a change in thinking, to finding new perspectives and uncommon solutions, with a magical and spiritual vision of reality.

Tear in time.
Grail Cup. Rip.
The chalice shape generates two forms.
Free yourself with sudden actions
from the slanderous yoke.
Act quickly.
A unanimous attack.
Smile, don’t forget.
Life lessons.
Ostracism still: wait patiently, react.
Everyone Damanhur sculpted within oneself.
Between ideals and interests
Put attention in every single action.
Disregarded responsibility.
Things to redo.
Conditions lost.
Mysterious beings like aliens
flutter to adjust directions and
Develop antennas
to collect useful signals
for new stages above and below,
earth and sky.
Ride new possibilities.
Passageways that open.
From the threshold, there are those who push.

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