Damanhur in the Netherlands: Meditation, Sacred Dance and Syncronicity

Oct 05, 12 Damanhur in the Netherlands: Meditation, Sacred Dance and Syncronicity

Damanhur, Federation of Communities Embassy in the Netherlands

Con te from the Dutch Embassy!

We would like to take a minute to introduce ourselves formally. We build a bridge, a creative liaison between Damanhur and The Netherlands. Together we create new ways of co-creation. We create events, conferences, courses, spiritual paths that bring consciousness, light and transformation to people. Our work is based on exchange, transparency, love, friendship and common sense. Condor Girasole is the ambassador, working alongside Aquila di mare and a group of dedicated friends in the Netherlands.

We are organizing courses and study groups for the next three months, which include Meditation group study, Sacred Dance, Guide your Life, and more. We hope that you will join us and become an active part of the embassy activities – and invite your friends to join!



Damanhurian Meditation has an ancient origin and tradition of wisdom applicable to modern society. The journey of the Soul, Reincarnation, Self-Awareness, the Worlds of Truth and Illusion, the World of Dreams and the Worlds of Magic, Selfica, Alchemy, Inner Harmonization. All of these are proposed with a Meditation Journey centered on transforming Self and the Society in which we live in.

This is the next meeting day to experience the path of Damanhur Meditation and choose, as a group, if this is something that calls to you.

Date:Saturday, 13 September 2012
Time: 10.00 to 17.00
Click here for more details and registration or contact Lucy Schaaphok: email, call 06-42546969

Hall of Water altarIntroductie Workshop Esoteric Physics

Esoteric Physics gaat verder daar waar quantum fysica eindigt: het gaat over het openen van nieuwe manieren om de wereld en het universum te begrijpen, de wetenschappelijke en spirituele perspectieven ontmoeten elkaar.

Bestaat materie echt? Wat is tijd? Is er oorzaak en gevolg voor gebeurtenissen of gebeuren volgens andere principes? Wat representeert het goddelijke en waar bevind het zich? Wat is het doel van de mens?

Date:Vrijdag, 12 oktober
Tijd: 19.30 to 22.00
Klik hier voor meer informatie en registratie or contact Lucy Schaaphok: email, 06-42546969

blossomingLearn to Guide Your Life

This workshop is about SYNCRONICITY and how to read events. (How to attract positive events, guide one’s life, transform negative events into opportunities).

Synchronicity and the laws of the Universe can’t do anything but execute our desires,but we need to know the Laws and the complexity that surrounds us to set our present and our future. Spiritual Physics created by Damanhur’s School, represents the ideal method to join the wisdom of the esoteric schools of the past, with the scientific modern language.

Date:Sunday, 14 October
Time: 10.00 to 17.00
Click here for more details and registration or contact Lucy Schaaphok: email, call 06-42546969

loveSacred Dance

Sacred Dance is ritual storytelling through the body in motion: dancing prayers, poetry and personal mantras. It is a language that speaks of archetypal concepts with precise gestures. Sacred Dance may be practiced as artistic expression and as a healing practice to feel more energized and in equilibrium.

During this course, we learn some of the language gestures of Sacred Dance for composing phrases that touch your inner and outer world. Inner Harmonizing techniques for expanding your perceptions and sensitivity, and clarifying the energy field. We use Sacred Dance to express and activate specific intentions: contacting the elements, harmonizing your energy, increasing your sense of well-being, directing synchronicity, healing through dance, creating personalized phrases and choreography.

Date:3-4 November
Time: 10.00 to 17.00
For more information, contact us


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