Suma Si, our story begins in Viaggio

Dec 10, 12 Suma Si, our story begins in Viaggio

In the summer of 2012, a group of 12 young people, composed from the first arrivals of the New Life program, chose to throw themselves into the game of life and participate in the legendary “Viaggio” – a mystical travel to discover our fears, our strengths ,and our biggest, most impossible dreams of love, joy, friendship, changing the world and creating a self-sufficient Damanhur.

Amongst other talents, one of these brave viaggiatori, Fillippo ,discovered his talent for poetry, and wrote in beautiful words his experience and the birth of “Suma Si” and the re-launch of Olio Caldo.


SUMA SI, Our story

It is difficult to say how it all started. Maybe thanks to a friendly fire in the evenings, to conversations and exchanges of personal issues between friends-brothers. Perhaps this story began in other ages and places and now the time had come and we were ready to start.

The wave that was raising in our sea was small if compared to what had happened before: epic deeds of old heroes, great battles fought with spray nozzles. We were listening in silence, with gleaming eyes, dreaming, while the wizard was weaving  the canvas of the rebirth with golden threads.

I had deep doubts whether to leave or not. It seemed a sweet craziness. My job, my daughter, my friends, who would have not understood. Despite it all, I knew I had to do it, we had to jump beyond our fears and our certainties. We had to embrace the Damanhur dream completely. I could read it in their eyes. The sea was beginning to ripple and the waves, higher than before, were frightening. I jumped and suddenly found myself riding that wave which had seemed so dangerous before.

My brothers and sisters, all around, were smiling and looked beautiful. He, a little further away, kept talking with words able to ignite our enthusiasm and enable us to climb steep cliffsides. Someone fell into dark precipices but was soon reborn to a new life, looking better and stronger than before.

When we came back to this time and space, we found out that we could be farmers, salespeople, breeders and were able to speak all the languages of the world. He spoke again, this time about Olio Caldo and our enthusiasm rose again, so much that it attracted other brothers, who were surprised to see us when we came back.

We gave our group the name “Suma Si”- we are here – . Our present is made of changes and we sleep very little, but we have dreams to nurture and make them become real.