Damanhur News: Can an Intention change the world?

Jan 08, 13 Damanhur News: Can an Intention change the world?
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A New Solar Year has Begun – Happy 2013!

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The days between the end of one solar year and the beginning of the next one are called “epagomenal days”, in which, according to many traditions – such as the beginning of Christmas – gods are born. At Damanhur, we consider this an ideal period to give birth to projects and initiatives. In these days, which are the days of divine birth, all energy is focused on fueling new projects in order for them to be born with the best energy. According to Spiritual Physics, epagomenal days are in fact endowed with a special “temporal density” that projects toward the future the initiatives that are born during this time.

This is the reason why in this period Damanhurians write a “Letter of Intentions” and each person and organization focuses on personal planning.

This is the challenge we give to you:

Write your Letter of Intentions for 2013

This is the best moment to set up your projects, to start studying something you have been interested in for a long time, to change your eating habits, to stop smoking or to give life to those ideas that for so long have been swimming in your head and in which you haven’t yet found the strength or time to dedicate yourself to.

It is important to identify your goals in this letter, so that instead of living on a whim, you fill your time with events that take you where you want to go, “reserving” synchronicity as necessary. It’s a phase of intense reflection of self and your goals. The Letter of Intentions can collect into a single document practical objectives, whether they are for personal or collective growth.

For Damanhurians this year, the theme for Letters of Intentions is Olio Caldo:

self-sufficiency, ecology, less consumption,

being a part of a network of support and solidarity

This can be the starting point for your letter as well. Ask yourself if the things around you are indispensable – do you really need to change your cellphone or in reality is the one you have still good, can you start sharing car rides with others that take the same route, is the food you eat local, is it necessary to drink imported wine every day?

Change your habits, big and small, in order to bring your life into harmony with the planet without lowering the quality. This will provide you with personal responses to the questions that this economic crisis is asking of all of us.

Above all, if you are not already, connect to a cooperative network, to organic growers, to friends of the environment; in “being a part of the system” you find concrete, actionable answers and make so many friends!

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Now that you have some ideas for the content of your Letter of Intentions, choose for yourself which direction to take and let the epagomenal days drive you to create a new NOW. The future is already here, let’s fill it with projects and positive thoughts!

Damanhur is a collective dream transformed into reality
thanks to the creative power of positive thought

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  1. heather /

    My Letter of Intentions

    I Am:

    Being patient and understanding with my daughter at all times.
    Keeping my mood buoyant and my thoughts positive in order to create positive outcomes.
    Suspending the flow of my thoughts completely as often as possible with reiki and the Magical Passes.
    Eating and feeding my daughter healthier food having started to develop a new passion for nutrition.
    Enjoying my time on the trampoline and at the gym free from fear and ego.
    Sailing through my to-do lists.
    Trying out a weekly box of organic fruit/vegetables and seeking out more locally sourced food generally.
    Digging over my garden and grwoing some food.
    Writing and making my way through my writing course.
    Earning some money and enjoying the escalating freedom that comes with that.


    • WONDERFUL! The way you have written these, such as, “Enjoying my time on the trampoline and at the gym free from fear and ego” is so positive and encouraging. May the epagomenal energy give you the energy you need to sustain your intentions for all the year. Con te