Looking for help to manage your calendar?

Apr 20, 13 Looking for help to manage your calendar?

I am therapist. Every day I get to my studio early to have sufficient time to prepare for the arrival of my clients. Every morning I activate my Sferoself so it can support me in my work. One morning, shortly after I had activated it and was looking at the calendar to read the names of the people coming for therapy, I heard a voice say two names. They were the names of a couple who come for weekly therapy. I looked at my calendar, but their names were not written, though they usually come every week on the same day. As the voice continued to repeat the names, I picked up the phone and called them. The lady responded immediately and I said to her, “I’m sorry to bother you but I just wanted to ask about your appointment this week because I forgot to write it down.” The lady said, “I have an appointment today at 10.00 and my husband soon after.” Although my appointments for that day were already full, I was able to find an appointment for her and her husband by moving it to the next day. I was very surprised at how the Sferoself had remembered these events that instead had escaped me and at the proper time it sent me a signal that allowed me to still be in time to fix the situation. I am in constant contact with my Sferoself, and generally benefit from it very much.


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