Oracle response for Damanhur, April 25, 2013

Apr 27, 13 Oracle response for Damanhur, April 25, 2013


Individual dreams can only be realized together with others, with enthusiasm and will. Cohesion amongst brothers and sisters, loving kindness toward others to be close to one another. May Damanhur be stronger than ever in everyone’s hearts.


From the weekly words
make your spear and shield,
they are a thread that connects you all
Let it flow and nourish it
with your energy and love.
Gift to the Teacher,
but also to yourselves,
being kind.
Restorative love
The Feminine Force
awakens the power of healing.
The Oracle helps those who ask for strength
to overcome themselves.
Thought-out and successful actions,
moments of presence and awareness.
Give hopes.
Let flourish again.
not everything is far away,
not everything is close.


Read about the Rite of the Oracle at Damanhur


  1. simon stidever /

    Please can I have some feedback on the artwork I left there.

    Much love and eternal light


  2. Damanhurians, thanks for allowing me to visit you on your special occasion, and throughout the 10 or so days I was there, I know I have Family, always thought so, and meeting you I have faces and names to put to those thoughts of Family, some of you were like me, searching for the truth (purposefully forgot/made to forget-are there more who need rescuing?), and some who already knew (remember), who were visitors along with me, who were briefly passing through, and found themselves meditating with me, that’s a special experience and memory for me – thanks Damanhur, for doing that for me, please accept my humble thanks and appreciation, I’ve heard you often in my thoughts, sometimes encouraging me on ward, drying my tears, and showing the way, yes, you were/are there/here! with the whole host of Family that We are. The work you do can’t be overestimated, you’re out of this world! Where we all belong, and your work is helping is get there, certinly helped me get to you and back home again to prepare for my new life, and all with your help, and the Selfs, wow The Selfs! Certainly my Angels! not ownership “my”, just talked about Angels! THe Book of Synchronicity is an Angel to me, a I don’t know about breathing, but living, alive, and in Book form now, but will be in live form on Earth when the Library is complete, Brother Falco, your work is near completion, but there’s one more thing we all need from you: Get us out of language! It’s killing us! I’m sure that’s why we’re not getting to where you are, lanugage!, We don’t remember someone purposefully broke language, those who did, can’t anymore, but it’s still broke, I don’t know what it will take to repair what’s been broken, but at the very least, a brand new language or old one that we used to use, we need it back bad or we’ll never get anywhere without a vow of silence, help! I like to talk! and write! Would just be better if it weren’t broken.
    My Synchronici Word of the day: (I couldn’t ask for better than this) Earth is making my (yours too if you link in) Day today and tomorrow; conditions, weather, favorably, gracious, propitious omens, above and below; . and as I write, Water has parted and allowed the Sunlight to show Earth’s Propitiousness, and She’s beautiful; clay, senses, smell, taste, touch. above and below. The Wind is gentle, and there are clouds, and Falco, I know I have Friends and Family visiting from far distances shrouded in the clouds, I saw their shapes and images in the clouds, and the faces of the Selfs, they energized me for what I needed to do; I can’t see Them anymore as I did a few weeks ago, but I know where They are and how to see Them when They allow, I appreciate being able to physically bring Them home with me, now in Imsbach, and they will be home with me when I return to Damanhur, if you’ll have me. I love you all, and thanks again.


  3. Hey dear souls, I love your blog every interesting stuff.
    I have a simple question, where can I get that machine that you attach to planets to hear them sing? I would love to hear my planets sing?

    Also I want to thank you for all the work your doing, know you have powerful allies in many dimensions.
    I’m very glad to have found this website 🙂

    • Con te Ilia. We are very happy that you are part of our online community. Welcome!

      To get information about the device for the Music of the Plants, send us a message via our contact form. We will pass this on to the research team and they will contact you directly.