The Beauty-disk!

May 14, 13 The Beauty-disk!


One day a healer who was giving me treatment here in Damanhur, showed me a beautiful smoothed perfectly shaped wooden disc, or rather a hemisphere. Whether it had high vibrations or whether the fineness of this object was just due to its perfect shaping and smoothing, I don’t know.

But I realised it was something special.

On the side that doesn’t touch your face, it had selfic technology embedded. I went on to obtain one myself. I have been using it for the past 3 months – at first sporadically, but now every day, passing it over my face in a circular motion – and it feels very good. I have the typical lines on my face that you’d expect in a late middle aged man, and I can say that it really is making a difference. I feel that if I continue for two or three months more, my face will look younger. And strange to say the skin elsewhere, for example on my arms, also feels smoother. But the clearest change of all: my beard which was almost completely white, is gradually turning black again – that’s amazing!

– David

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  1. Diane Campbell /

    I would like to purchase one, the Beauty Disk..