Is air your favorite element? Today is your day!

Oct 21, 13 Is air your favorite element? Today is your day!

Sometimes while moving through life in the modern world, I feel like the elements I am most in contact with are metal and plastic. 🙁 If you look down at what you are sitting on right now, the room around you and the building you are in (unless you are reading this on a mobile phone while hiking on the Kalalau trail) it may be true for you too.

I feel a deep need to commune with natural energy and the elements. Here at Damanhur, we have certain strategies we use to bring ourselves back into contact with nature energies and elements.

nature selfOne effective tool is this nature Selfica, which I carry with me. It’s one of the smallest and simplest Selfica objects, though quite effective and useful. It increases a sense of being in contact with nature and a natural environment, when I am wearing artificial fabrics in my clothes for instance.

air altarAnother strategy for getting closer to nature is honoring the elements. At Damanhur Damjl, we have altars dedicated to each element: air, water, fire and earth, as well as specific spots to do meditations and contact an element. There are also four special days a year that are dedicated to one of the elements, and today is Air Day! The air altar at Damjl is in one of the highest points on the land, rarely seen up close as it can be camouflaged by leafy trees except in winter time. Today, we go to the altar to say a prayer about Air, take a leaf with Sacred Language symbols written on it, write a poem or prayer in the spirit of Air on the leaf, and blow it into the wind.


What is your favorite element and how to do you celebrate it? Let us know! Comment below.





  1. Difficult to choose so I made this short animation to celebrate Earth Fire Water and Earth
    Bright Blessings to you xx ~

    • Con te! Thanks so much for sharing this playful and colorful video celebration of the elements! You’re right, it is difficult to choose. Each element has its own unique characteristic and power, very nicely depicted in your video… That’s why we celebrate all four!

      Here are the dates of for honoring the other elements:

      Fire January 21
      Earth April 21
      Water July 21
      Air October 21

      If synchronicity brings you to Damanhur during one of these times, we’d love to welcome you and invite you to honor the elements those days, closing with an evening ritual which is short, simple and sweet, with prayer, drumming/music and Sacred Dance. Guests are welcome!

  2. My 2nd Earth was of course supposed to be Air.