Synchronic horoscope: November 24 – 30, 2013

Nov 24, 13 Synchronic horoscope: November 24 – 30, 2013

Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven (social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.


ARIES 2664 – In the water, the image is one, yet in each drop, it is identical. Large and small drops. Choose the sea. – Intimate journey.

TAURUS 5466 – The emptiness is filled. The full is as you desire. Equilibrium on the two plates.  – Stand in the middle. Courageous decision.

GEMINI 5623 – Shyness. Insecurity. Greater determination. Precision that becomes fussiness. The determined person accepts risks, after evaluating things. – Throw away the mask you usually wear, with everyone.

CANCER 2662 – In the water, the image is one, yet in each drop, it is identical. Large and small drops. Choose the sea. – In that which is small, the immense.

LEO 4242 – Water, today, is in tune with you. – Ablutions. Purifying washings. Rite.

VIRGO 4123 – New encounters can happen between old acquaintances too. You just have to consider the person from a new state of mind. – Try to remember an old scent that you have not smelled for years.

LIBRA 3464 – Success. Decision. Courage, being and desiring. – Going ahead, courageously.

SCORPIO 3342 – Music. In a small dark house with the windows closed. Outside the sun is shining. But you don’t want to open the door. – Live inner moments. Your own. Find yourself again.

SAGITTARIUS 3424 – There is much more pain around you than within you. You are not that important. But you are unique. Comprehension. – Grasp the symbols. More sensitivity.

CAPRICORN 2455 – The Earth is never stingy. When the light does not come in through the door, it comes in through the windows. Green. – The word that you transcribe is for you.

AQUARIUS 6424 – Closing Synchrodoor. Re-opening by chance. Science through the Rite. – Rituals in order to change.

PISCES 1434 – Colors for your children, your siblings, for you. What is your true color? – Green, for Growth.

by Soffio

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