True virgin olive oil and homemade organic cheese

Dec 21, 13 True virgin olive oil and homemade organic cheese


I found an article that raises the question, “Is your olive oil lying about its virginity?” and I really did feel the sting of betrayal reading that “independent tests at the University of California found that 69% of all store-bought extra virgin olive oils in the US are probably fake,” and seeing the names of brands that I’ve bought in the past. Knowing that I’ve eaten these diluted and artificially-colored oils is dismaying and disheartening. How can we really know that food is pure and real?

I feel grateful because now that I live in Damanhur, organic cheeseI can relax in trusting that the food on our community dinner tables and in our natural foods coop Tentaty in Damanhur Crea, are clean and organic. We are often the ones who source the foods directly, growing and harvesting them with attention and care. We use extra virgin olive oil that comes from our community olive groves in Tuscany. This is the season of the year when kilos and kilos of olives are hand-picked with joyful devotion by many community members, including the kids, and pressed into olive oil that is so fresh it’s a deep, well, ‘olive’ green color.

grape harvesting fun

Speaking of oils and sustainability, on our Facebook Page, you can follow a discussion about boycotting palm oil because of rainforest devastation and harm to Orangutans.

Il Tarassaco RistoranteIn addition to olive oil, at Damanhur we make fresh bread, cheese, wine, marmalade, we harvest fruits and vegetables from our gardens and produce ethically-raised meat. There is even a homemade “Nutella” substitution with no additives and organic hazelnuts from our trees. We also have an agritourism restaurant ‘Il Tarassaco’ (The Dandelion) that features local organic ingredients in delectable dinners.

This is one of the reasons I love living at Damanhur. Knowing that the food I eat is more than just physical sustenance, that it is subtle and spiritual nourishment, that it can raise my energy and consciousness or weigh it down, I’m grateful that I can trust what I am eating, know exactly where our products come from and who grew and made them with love, intention and positive energy. It’s a way of life that nourishes body, heart and spirit.



Come experience the vitality of community-grown food. Visit us in 2014. Come in August and learn about food sustainability, one of the topics covered in the Ecovillage Design Education program.




  1. Wonderful experience, congratulations! Their products are delicious and healthy, without doubt.

    • Thank you so much! Yes, we feel they are quite delicious and healthy, made with awareness and love.