Damanhur News: An Unexpected Letter Arrives

Feb 10, 14 Damanhur News: An Unexpected Letter Arrives
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Imagine receiving an unexpected letter, a letter from someone you have not seen in a long time, but whom you think of often: an old friend, a past lover, a faraway child or parent or a chance encounter in an airport with just enough time to meet and exchange addresses…

What words would you like to read? In this moment, what words could help you change, to leave behind old patterns that you’ve been trying to transform for so long. What can help you write or talk to others – to get together and tell them a little about what is going on in your life?

This is Damanhur’s message this month: imagine you have received this letter; write it, read it, use your imagination – why not? Take pen and paper, taking care of every detail, and make the content yours. Be happy with what is written because it contains useful instructions for the new steps you want to take on your life path.

And then go out… go find one of your friends and share your energy and newfound inspiration.

Hall of Spheres

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in the Temples of Humankind

Built inside a mountain, as a point of convergence of telluric and synchronic forces, the Temples of Humankind constitute a sophisticated instrument for contacting the higher Forces and galactic intelligence which share with Humanity the project of reawakening humankind, in all of its forms, on Earth and in other worlds.

Dedicate an entire night to making contact: 22 March 2014

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Damanhur Welcome proposes special 3 day visit packages:

13 – 16 February which includes the full moon Rite of the Oracle

20 – 23 March which includes the Spring Equinox

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