Oracle for Damanhur, April 2015

Apr 06, 15 Oracle for Damanhur, April 2015

teco_spiritual_vision copySPIRITUAL VISION SPECIAL



Astronomical events
mark milestones and appointments
important in time.
The cradle begins to pulsate and calls back.
You send.
Open portals to activate new species.
The ancient splendor knocks,
it wants to live with you again, recognized Popolo.
Remember who you have been together.
The divine pantheon,
you can recreate that world
in just one lifetime, this one.
Sing to its fire.
The voice is soma
Unexpected events that shake.
Only togetherness overcomes fear.
Transition to new formulas of living together.


divine insight

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  1. Loredana /

    Why look for answers from outside of you? This is what religions teach us to do. Oracles from history were often theatre shows for the disempowered public – a show of power. It is more empowering, surely, to obtain information by channeling it ourselves, or we can use I Ching. Or we can ask for signs: from the sky, a book, nature, our environment, or better – from within ourselves.

    • Loredana, thank you for your thought! Yes, we often use the reading of synchronicity around us, simple naturall signs and tools like the Book of Synchronicity (similar to the I Ching) to receive answers from within us and in the field.

      Our connection with Oracle forces gives us a widened perspective, and we find it to be a useful area to explore with a spirit of experimentation, valuing the direct experience and results obtained, if any. Opening the ritual to the public and publishing the answers we receive for Damanhur is a gift we offer to our friends. We trust it benefits those who choose to connect!

      with appreciation, con te