New GENeration of Damanhur citizens

Jun 25, 15 New GENeration of Damanhur citizens

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Communities need each other to survive and thrive, and we are continuing to learn, share support, and be inspired by what’s happening in all the ecovillages and communities around the world, including our connections through the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN). Here’s our latest contribution to the GEN International Newsletter, a fantastic communication tool for community worldwide.


Falling in Love with Community

One of the fundamental ways of regeneration, in an ecovillage, is welcoming in and integrating new members. The longevity and sustainability of any community depends on it. The approach to this process has evolved over the 40 years of Damanhur’s existence.

The Game of Life – Damanhur’s institution for constant change – inspired “Viaggio” journeys to go out into the world in groups and return with dozens of new Damanhurians, eager to work, play and revolutionize life in the community. There have been more organized programs for integrating new citizens in the past 15 years or so, experimenting with intensive group building out of the context of everyday life, giving new citizens a community houGENse to dive into the first hand experience of making it thrive, or integrating new people into the existing communities.

For the last five years, with the New Life program, this same Game of Life spirit of bringing in a wave of innovation has been diffused in the nucleo communities of Damanhur, as people from all over the world come to absorb experience as a Damanhur citizen for three months, while contributing their unique color. Many former New Life participants have brought their skills and have left a significant mark.

Sustainability and agriculture is a common field of passion and collaboration. Three recent New Life participants, Beverly from Australia, and Axelina and Rebecka from Sweden have activated a biointensive agriculture program at Dendera nucleo community in the Tentyris region. In collaboration with two Damanhurians passionate about growing food, the New Life citizens, with support of volunteers from 9 different countries, have restored the soil of several greenhouses…

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