Damanhur News: A Pleasant and Relaxing Meditation

Aug 10, 15 Damanhur News: A Pleasant and Relaxing Meditation

A Dinner for Reflection

1998 In a little "fort"

What are the things that you value in your life? Your family? Your work? Your dreams? Your responsibilities toward others? It could be these things, or it could be others.
Pick three themes that are important to you. Ones that make you happy, that are engaging for you. Organize a meal – a dinner or a lunch, depending on your and your friends’ schedules – one for each of these three themes. Prepare food that is natural, good, enjoyable and made with love. Invite people that you would like to have a conversation with about the theme of the dinner, people whom you feel could contribute and be enriched by the exchange.
Dedicate the time of the dinner to discussing and sharing all your thoughts about the chosen theme: why it is important, how to move forward with it, how it has changed over time, and how it has maintained certain characteristics since the beginning. At the end of the dinner, recap the things that were said and what you agree upon.
Three dinners, three different themes.
This time, we propose that through these meals, you take some time to reflect about the things that are meaningful to you (so, things that give meaning to many other things), in an enjoyable way. You will discover new elements, rediscover thoughts that you had forgotten, better understand where you are today, and trace a path toward the future… in a pleasing and relaxing way, as we would always like it to be in our lives.

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Art and Creativity: Temples of Humankind

Alchemy School

October 10-11

1st year monthly school

November 1-17 1st year intensive

The Damanhur Alchemy School offers a journey of self-transformation through the distillation of the best parts of ourselves. Alchemy means practical magic. From the first lessons, the school teaches exercises to develop the capacity to change ourselves, transforming our bodies into refined alchemical laboratories. The course is suitable for everyone, both novices and those with experience. Every lesson is a brushstroke that sketches out a pathway to achieve a state of refinement, or to use alchemical language, through transmutation toward the perfection of human beings.


Introduction to Sacred Dance

August 22-23

Damanhurian Sacred Dance is a channel of communication with the spiritual planes of reality. Through movements of the body with specific gestures, you express a prayer or an intention, writing phrases in the air with invisible ink made of your own energy. Through this language of the body, you have an additional expressive tool for moving synchronicity and feeling more balanced and full of energy.

Study with Us



Communication with the Plant World, August 15-16
40th Anniversary Festival, August 24-30


Reawakening Inner Senses, September 4-5
Contact with the Cosmos, September 19-20
Ancient Civilizations of Humankind, 1st level, September 26-27


School for Spiritual Healers, October 12-26
Inner Personalities, October 17-18
Past Lives Research Levels 1-4, October 24-25
Beyond Life, October 31-November 1


Working together with the earth

Come Visit


A 10 day journey to discover the magic and values of Damanhur. Last day: "Good-bye (for now)" Departure for new adventures. For those who want, the journey continues at Damanhur! First group begins Aug 8th so hurry if you want to share this special experi

In Damanhur, it’s summertime. It’s a time of seeing many friends, visitors and guests. We wonder how many of them are feeling inspired by Destination Damanhur – AMINE’ Program, exploring Damanhur and themselves, discovering a place where their values are reflected.

The 10-day program begins:
August 8
September 26
October 10
November 7

Also, courses, visits and events are moving forward in the summer season, leading us toward the Photo of the Popolo Spirituale and the Damanhurian New Year’s Eve, at the end of August, and the Autumn Equinox, in September.

creating a spiral in Iceland



 – 5-6. September: Astralreisen

Ohlstadt/Obb- 17-18. Oktober: Vergangene Leben

Greifenstein Allendorf – 24-25. Oktober: Vergangene Leben

Syke-Leerßen – 20. November: Von Atlantis bis Ägypten: Verlorenes Wissen antiker Zivilisationen

Syke-Leerßen – 21-22. November: Vergangene Leben


Toledo – 26 de septiembre: Curso de Danza Sagrada

Granada – 10-11 Octubre: Investigación en vidas pasadas


Modena – 24 ottobre: La Dimensione Magica

Sardinien – 27.September – 4. Oktober: “Magische Ferien” in Sardinien 2015


Oslo- 5.-6. sept.: En annerledes meditasjon

Bergen- 11.-13. sept.: Kontakt med planteverdenen

Stavanger- 26.-27. sept.: Utforskning av tidligere liv

Oslo- 14.-15. nov.: Utforskning av tidligere liv


Boulder, Colorado

Sept. 13: Sustainability Fair (Fort Collins, CO)
Sept. 19-20 – Contact with the Plant World
Sept. 22-24 – Astral Travel II
Nov. 14-15 – Spiritual Physics II
Nov. 21-22 (register by Sept. 21) – Past Lives
Visit Damanhur Colorado for more information

Tarpon Springs, Florida

Oct. 9 – Damanhur and its Temples, Community and Spiritual Harmony

Oct. 10 – Music of the Plants: 40 Years of Research and Communication

Oct. 10 – The Alchemy School of Damanhur

Oct. 11 – Ritual Festival of Lights

Oct. 14 – Damanhur’s Path to Spiritual Liberation

Oct. 5 – Intro to Damanhur’s Mystery School

Sebabstapol, California

Nov. 7-8 (register by Oct. 7) – Past Lives
Contact Christy Hamilton for more information

Big Sur, California

Nov. 15-20 – Knowing thy Selves, a Retreat at Esalen
Contact Shama Viola for more information

Los Angeles, California

Nov. 21-22 (register by Oct. 21) – Past Lives
Contact Lila Bronson for more information

Damanhur in the World

Interested in hosting events in your city?
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