The thousand faces of love

May 18, 10 The thousand faces of love

I would like to open a page about relationships, marriage and couples in Damanhur. It’s an important theme to discuss, and one that our guests often ask us about. Until a few years ago, it was often considered scandalous the fact that our marriages were renewed after a certain time period. Today, it’s a little less sensational, also in light of the increasing divorce rates. However, a couple that gets married here does so by establishing a period of time at which point the marriage is reviewed, and hopefully, renewed.

Why? To keep the spirit of the marriage alive, to evaluate common objectives, to stay together because of love and not out of habit. There is a time period for everything in life, and to keep a relationship alive, it is necessary to know how to constantly renew it. This happens with the formal moment of verification, which takes place serenely because it has been agreed upon beforehand. The goal is not to end the marriage, but to elevate the quality. If the quality is elevated, the duration is increased, and the marriage tends to be renewed. If there are small children involved, naturally the attention needs to be increased, because they have rights that must be taken into consideration.

The only requirements for a relationship at Damanhur are: being of age and mutual respect. With these requirements, each couple decides to celebrate their union with marriage or not. A marriage means taking a position before the community, symbolically representing a point of strength and love, not only for oneself but for everyone.

In this spirit, many friends of our friends, both Italian and international, have had Damanhurian marriages. Even though they are not citizens of Damanhur, they wanted to sanctify their relationship with the Damanhurian marriage ritual.