Love at Damanhur

Feb 13, 12 Love at Damanhur

Seeing as how Valentine’s Day is around the corner, let’s talk about love! Relationships are a very personal subject, and even though many aspects of life are shared and addressed together at Damanhur, relationships remain a private concern.

We know each other well. We often know about each others hopes and feelings, though everyone is free to choose how to behave in their relationships. At Damanhur, the marriages are renewable: you get married for a period of time and not an entire lifetime, so you can decide at the end of the period whether or not to renew the marriage. In this way, the union is always a choice, and it stays fresh with renewed intentions. If a couple has children, they certainly put more attention and effort in being a stable and serene couple. There are couples here that have been together for many, many years.

There is one fundamental rule, and it’s respect: respect for oneself, for Love heartone’s partner, for the others in the community, and for children if you have them. There are people who are together without getting married, people who, on the other hand, decided to get legally married in addition to having a Damanhurian marriage, people who have relationships that are more stable, more changeable, people who have open relationships. I think Damanhur is just like anyplace else in this regard, and here, there is much respect and transparency.

I know that there are other communities where intimate relationships and the use of sexual energy are a central element of exploration and research. I would say that at Damanhur, they are not central in the same way. I mean, relationships are important because they are a fundamental part of everyone’s experience, but they are not the central element of the pathway. So, there aren’t Love Houses or dedicated spaces where couples meet together to make love; when they do so, they use their own personal spaces in their own chosen moments.