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Feb 29, 12 My Damanhur

In these days, I’m translating Stambecco Pesco’s book, “La mia Damanhur” into English: My Damanhur. I had already read it in Italian, although re-reading it to do the translation has stimulated some new reflections.

Two things about the book particularly strike me. One is that it’s Stambecco’s first person narrative about both himself and Damanhur, weaving strands of story from his personal experience and those of the other Damanhurians whom he meets along the journey of an “average” day as a citizen here. This book is really about Damanhur and not the author, though it is a direct testimony that offers much insight: I experience Damanhur and the Damanhurians, diverse aspects of life here, from the University to the nucleo communities, as well as Falco, as Stambecco explains why he feels very inspired by him. He also ponders questions that he has yet to understand. I can see a multifaceted Damanhur through Stambecco’s eyes, and he has been here since the beginning. So by reading this book, I learn a lot about the subtleties of Damanhur’s history.

The other thing that strikes me is that Damanhur has changed so much over time, and at the same time, it has succeeded in maintaining core characteristics. I came to know the “big” Damanhur of today, well-known all over the world with lots of guests and international people, while the book also describes the beginnings, when Damanhur was 40 people, all Italians, and the whole way of life and organization of the community was different. It’s an interesting way of time-traveling.

Now, I’m going to get back to the translation. The idea is to finish it by springtime and publish it. I’ll let you know when it’s available!






  1. Eddie Effron /

    The cover always made me feel this book had a “light heartedness” to it. If so, hope you can find that in English and make it a fun read. Best of luck.

    • I have found that the tone is a nice mix of Stambecco’s seriousness and sincerity in elaborating his thoughts, with the playfulness of his irony and wit. Hope it comes through in the English! I’ll let you be the judge. Looking forward to sharing it. Quaglia

    • Unbeknownst to you (probably) you are mentioned in the book! Chapter 10. Along with Betsy and Olivia… it’ll be fun to read. Just two more chapters left to translate! Soon.

  2. So so so so eager to see it in English!

    • Great! It really is a gem. Are you coming back to Damanhur later this year? If so, you can pick up a copy in person! warm wishes, Quaglia

  3. Stardust Magick /

    I can’t wait to read it**
    god luck with the translationz*