Why do humans exist?

Mar 30, 12 Why do humans exist?

The youth of the Damanhur Middle School interviewed Falco for Qui Damanhur Ragazzi, a self-produced journal made by the students themselves. Here is the first of a series of their questions and Falco’s answers. Enjoy!

Demetra (6th grade): Why do humans exist, and what purpose do they serve?

Falco: Each world that can be inhabited operates based on a principle of evolution. Various species are developed, a little by chance, a little based on ability, a little by luck. For example, it seems that if it were not for a large meteorite that fell to the Earth sixty million years ago, there would be no humans here, and there would still be dinosaurs. Maybe in this room, there would be dinosaurs instead of humans, and so on. But species are developed to create, to give power to a principle, which is called complexity: that is, things don’t get more complicated, but more elaborate. Why? Because in this way, something else, which is called the soul, a fundamental principle, has a way to evaluate itself, to act in the midst of everything. If there were no humans, this would not change: there would be other species that would have taken our place.

When a species becomes sufficiently complex, then it hosts something called “soul structure” or “divine spark,” that is, something that allows one to go much further than the principle of life, and can even allow what we call reincarnations, missions, transitions from one world to another, etc., because like this, life evolves further and becomes increasingly complex.

Humans are here for this reason, but if there were no human beings, other species would have taken our place. And if we are not able to sufficiently move forward in this program as a species, we will disappear, and other species will take our place.




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  1. Nikolas /

    An interesting concept of why humans are here and promotes the concept of the science world who have failed to take into account spirituality. As we are part of God and part of each other i see us as spiritual beings who are here to have a human experience in a dream as the creator being perfect would not create the human experience as something real because he would not create evil. But through us having the Human experience he can improve his perfection through us and therefor we are here to forgive ourselves of negative thoughts we projected and to unconditionally love ourselves to live this experience in accordance with the 7 universal laws of the universe that are part of our DNA. This whole process started when creation came into being and God had a what if moment that creation may not be perfect moment. So the human experience commenced and yes we operate this experience on many worlds in many dimensions and we were at the doorway of finishing this human experience here on this planet, but were genetically engineered by the Nefilim (who by so doing broke the 7 universal laws and were expelled from Earth. Atlantis and Lemuria were destroyed as a result) and lost our connection to our spirituality. What I have said is verified in many ancient texts but they have been incorrectly translated due to lack of spiritual knowledge, but this is now changing. The bible is a history book being used to keep us ignorant and enslaved for profit but its also a message for us to start thinking for ourselves and to learn the truth hidden in its writing. The old testament was all taken from ancient Egyptian texts that were originally taught to those who chose to learn who we are, why we are here and where we are going.
    If I continue this story of truth, I will end up writing a book instead of just being eligible for the “bookcontest”. My work with the music from plants assisted me in understanding how to read ancient tests as the plants helped me in my studies. I wish to thank Camaleonte for giving me the opportunity to commence this research into the plant world all those years ago
    Con te