Damanhur Temples of Humankind – 20 Years Open to the World

Apr 30, 12 Damanhur Temples of Humankind – 20 Years Open to the World
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Damanhur, Temples of Humankind 20 Years Open to the World

By 1992, Damanhurians had been secretly excavating an extraordinary structure for over 14 years. In June of that year, the secret would be discovered and the whole world would know that a group of practical dreamers in Italy were building the Temples of Humankind, an underground work of art dedicated to the spirituality in every human being.

This summer, Damanhur invites you to celebrate:




July 3, 1992 – 2012

During the 20th anniversary celebration of the opening of the Temples, we encourage old and new friends to come share what we have personally experienced here living together: full immersion into the elements – clay, color, sound – to discover what else we can create together.

Program of activities:

Wednesday, June 27th

“FUCINA DEI TEMPLI” – Forge of the Temples

Stories of the Construction and Art of the Temples of Humankind


Thursday, June 28th

“LA CASA NELLA ROCCIA” – The House in the Rock

Theatre piece dedicated to the Temples of Humankind, by the Indirizzo Teatro

Friday, June 29th

“I COLORI CHE UNISCONO” – The Colors that Unite

Experience Collective Art


Saturday, June 30th

“I CAPELLI DEI TEMPLI” – Hair of the Temples

An afternoon in the Sacred Woods

“VOCI NEI TEMPLI” – Voices in the Temples

Experimentation with Singing in the Temples of Humankind

Sunday, July 1st


Market and Entertainment all day Sunday

“ARTE INSIEME PER IL VENTENNALE” – Art together for the 20th Anniversary

A Day in contact with the Red Clay of this Area

“IL CORO” – The Choir

Damanhur Choir in the Open Temple

entryway Hall of Mirrors

If this is your first time to Damanhur, we recommend:

7 Day Visit
20th Anniversary Special Edition

June 25 – July 1, 2012

This visit includes all the activities of the
20th Anniversary, plus visits to:

Damjl, the central area of Damanhur


Sacred Woods

Presentation of the Music of the Plants

Stone Spirals and Circuits

Inner Harmonization Meditation

Introduction to Spiritual Physics

Contact with the Earth Element through Sculpture

Meditation with Selfic Paintings

Click here for more information and registration

On July 3rd, to coincide with the 20th Anniversary and the Full Moon:

“RITUALE DELL’ORACOLO” – Oracle of Damanhur, Rite of the Full Moon

dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the Opening of the Temples of Humankind

The citizens of Damanhur invite all our friends to celebrate with us the 20th Anniversary of the day in which the Temples of Humankind opened its doors to the world. Together we commemorate a date that has changed the lives of so many people inspired by the knowledge of the Temples of Humankind. Click here to register.

Damanhur is a collective dream transformed into reality
thanks to the creative power of positive thought

Damanhur Open Temple

A Spiritual EcoCommunity nestled in the hills of Northern Italy that promotes a culture of peace and holistic sustainability through solidarity, respect for the environment, arts and education.


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