Why do plants stop playing music?

Sep 18, 12 Why do plants stop playing music?

These roses are happy and make Music of the Plants. Others no…

Usually, a trained plant almost always makes music, with various oscillations during the day and night, a sign of their vitality. There are some events that can disturb them, so much so that they stop sending any signals. It’s quite interesting to discover why they stop making music. Here are some experiences:

Years ago, a friend was preparing a concert with four plants in a big hall. It was about 10 pm and we connected the Music of the Plants device to four plants of different kinds, already expert musicians, and they began to make sounds right away. We hadn’t eaten dinner yet that night, and at a certain point, my friend’s girlfriend brought him a sandwich. As soon as he bit into the sandwich and swallowed the first bite, all the plants stopped playing music at the same time. It surprised everyone, and we tried to understand what was happening. We restarted everything, changed plants, changed the device and the power supplies, and still there was no sound. At a certain point, a flash came to me. I looked at the sandwich and saw that there was a lettuce leaf inside!

As other researchers have already said, plants are sensitive to the interruption of life, so this could be an example of that. In fact, the plants stopped playing for about a half hour. My friend had to leave the room, and only afterward, the plants started playing again.

After this event, something similar happened in a Bavarian restaurant. I was preparing a concert with three or four plants that I had brought with me. All of them were playing well, as usual. At 8:30 pm, the concert began and also the dinner. It was a vegetarian restaurant, and they began to circulate dishes full of lettuce and fresh vegetables. After a few minutes, all the plants stopped playing all at once. So, we tried remediating the situation  with various strategies, but nothing worked. “Probably,” I said to the organizers, “there are too many vegetables.” and I told them about the story from before. They explained to the 80 or 100 people there in the restaurant what had happened, and they were very dismayed. They stopped eating all together, and it was quite a funny scene, all these people proceeding in a line to ask forgiveness from the musician plants. Has something like this ever happened at a rock concert?

Only after 30 minutes, the plants recovered from “fainting” and began sending signals again. All this brought up some questions for our vegetarian friends. One possible explanation is that all of life is one continuum, and the plants, having a wider perception of reality, are immediately aware of this interruption of life.

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  1. Out of curiosity, have any of you experimented to see if it’s an interruption of ANY life, or just PLANT life?

    I know that meat is eaten at Damanhur, so that must mean that somewhere, animals are slaughtered for food… has anyone had a singing plant present at that time to see if it reacts to the loss of any life, or only to plant life?

    Obviously one wouldn’t arbitrarily kill anything just for the sake of ‘science’ or ‘curiosity’, but if something is going to be killed anyway, for food, I would think it would be an opportune moment to find these things out?

    I’m just curious, because if they react that way to the loss of ALL life, are they actually ‘sad’ or ‘upset’ by the loss of life and stop singing, OR are they simply engaging in a moment of silence out of respect for the life that has passed? You did say that they stopped for the same amount of time in reaction to a single leaf of lettuce in a sandwich, and for an entire restaurant’s worth of vegetables being eaten, so it seems more like a moment of silence, with no relation to the amount/quantity of life lost, just an acknowledgement that life was lost… it is just a thought.