Music To My Ears and A Message From The Plants

Oct 23, 12 Music To My Ears and A Message From The Plants

I had not heard of the music made by the plants until the glorious day I entered into the Botanical Gardens where this great display was awaiting me. A Mexican artist and inventor by the name of Aerial Guzik had a display of cacti connected to a network of electrodes like acupuncture needles inserted to the roots and attached to a Lute*. Guzik’s mission is to create “an empathetic language, universal and direct, between human beings and their environment …to wake up in the collective consciousness a profound emotional understanding of nature.”

I have opened my heart to feel the vibration of the music of the plants to fill my body and soul. The energy of the plants fills every vein within my body as it travels through the chakras as a divine light of all there is. The light of the divine is released through the plants by the magical Lute as this great vibration is transformed to music that blesses us all. Divine love, light, joy and peace surrounds me while being surrounded by the plants. As I close my mind and open my heart to listen and feel the vibration of the plants my soul is being filled with all the love, light, peace and joy that they have to offer. The plants are one with our great Mother Earth as are we. We are all one as our great earth expands and ascends we all are ascending to one unified great vibration of the love, light, peace and joy. As above so below and when listening to the music of the plants all that I experience is oneness, a joy within my heart so great that my heart aches; love, light and a peaceful feeling fill my body and soul like none other.

I have always had a great connection with our Mother Earth and El Charco del Ingenio the botanical gardens where I first experienced this great display or nature. The music of the plants has taken me to a whole new level of experience. Upon returning to El Charco del Ingenio before writing about this experience I had another deep experience with the plants as I received a message that I would also like to share.

We are alive, our vibrations are high. We can be heard by your ears if only you choose to close your mind and open your heart. We are one with the vibration of your heart. Listen and feel the joy, feel the magic that is our vibration. As our vibration comes through your heart in the musical notes may it set you free. Set you free like a bird soaring through the skies, soaring higher and higher to another universe, another dimension if that is what you choose. The destination is yours for the choosing. We are one, soar with us. Your life is an illusion, choose it well. Our vibration may be silent but it is filling your soul with much love, light, joy and peace.

I would like to share this video with music I recorded of the music of the plants. Close your mind, open your heart and soar to where it is your soul may lead.


By Lisa Alaiana Leon


* While the device Lisa is using is not that created here at Damanhur, it is beautiful to hear about other research being done in this area. Every step that brings us closer to nature, brings us closer to reawakening our divinity. -D Team



In 2012, we released an album of the Music of the Plants containing 17 tracks of different trees, plants and humans.

Click here to bring this music into your home and gardens.





  1. I was wondering if the device that you use to listen to the plants is something I could build at home….do you have plans that are available…

    • Con te Mike. There are ongoing developments in this field of research, therefore the best thing for you to do would be to contact us directly so that we can put you in touch with the Music of the Plants researchers here at Damanhur. Click here to contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

      • John Macdonald /

        Hi. I am also very interested in having a device to listen to trees sing. I know there are plans to make one available for sale, but I couldn’t find any information about this dated later than June last year. The link you gave Mike above to contact you directly goes to a horoscope page for the end of January…

        • Con te John. The link had an error in it, thank you so much for catching it. The link has been fixed – it should now take you to the Contact Us page where you can reach the research team working on the Music of the Plants. They can give you more information about the device.

  2. Murilo Bortolozzi /

    Hi, I’ve just write to you throught the contact us webpage.
    Here there is the text I wrote, if you need or if that webpage don’t work well, ok? best wishes,

    Hi there! First of all, my sincere respect for all your work!
    I am a medical doctor in Brazil, and a musician. Since I’m work in homeopatic field of the medicine, I study and have a close relationship with the vegetal kingdom. I have a special interest in comunication between us and the plants and heard about de device you’ve been using to hear the musica of theese our brothers. I would like sincerely much to work with this kind of device and hear the music of my plants here and make music with them. Please, can you help me? Is there some plants to build one, or any other way to have that device?
    So respectfull, and greetings from Brazil,
    Murilo Bortolozzi

    • Murilo,

      Thanks so much for commenting here as well as writing from the webpage. Music of the Plants is such a beautiful way to communicate with the plant world, and in Brazil there must be amazing plant life to connect with. I will pass your message to specialists in this field of study and they will get back to you soon with a response. All the best.

      Con te!