Flower of the month: Valerian

Nov 07, 12 Flower of the month: Valerian

My name is Oriolide Amarena and I have lived in Damanhur for sixteen years. I am a simple person who loves nature, and since I was a child, I have been drawn to flowers, especially wildflowers. Over the years, this passion has grown little by little, as I have refined my perception and sensitivity toward the plant world. I have taken courses about the flowers of Dr. Edward Bach and studied the “Manual of Flower Essences” by Master Paramhansa Yogananda. After I came to Damanhur, I expanded my knowledge by researching Damanhurian flowers.

Being in contact with flowers, observing their colors, shapes and number of petals has helped me to develop a system reading them, a simple and effective method. This experience has helped me to better understand myself and others, with “flower recipes” that I create for people who are interested in this kind of guidance.

Oriolide Amarena


Flower of the month: Valerian

Valerian is a flower of awaiting. Awaiting as well as action! It develops adaptability that is necessary to confront apparently intolerable situations. It puts synchronic processes in motion to seek out and find the best solutions while knowing how to wait patiently.

This flower frees the mind of negative thoughts, establishing the right connection with the heart. Valerian offers the possibility of understanding the value of emotions without being overcome by them, because it has the power of stopping the driving force of out-of-control emotions.




  1. The valerian is so sweet – such a pretty flower.

  2. Greg /

    I’m following your recipe this month-apr 2013, might seem a little late, but actually it’s early when you’re walking backwards through time……. thanks for sending the seed I needed.