A month in an ecovillage, a lifetime of connection

Jun 04, 14 A month in an ecovillage, a lifetime of connection

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At Damanhur, being in the heart of the community means making Damanhur a commitment on all levels from soul and spiritual pathway to everyday actions and choices. Being in community doesn’t necessarily mean living somewhere for life though, and I’ve experienced the magic and spirit of community connection with lifelong bonds being established, even in temporary experiences here. Next to the New Life project , one of the most powerful experiences of this kind is the Ecovillage Design Education course. Which, more than a course, is kind of like an intensive adventure in community creation for one month at Damanhur.

In my ideal community, ___________________.There’s a group that comes together. It could be 15 people… or 30. A synchronic group of idealists, eco-warriors, builders and explorers from all over the world. There are usually something like 12 different nationalities and 9 different languages spoken amongst participants. The collective life experience of the participants is a goldmine, and there’s a whole month to seek out the preciousness in each person. There’s heart opening, in nature, sharing life stories and dreams, visioning… using social tools and dynamics that you can then apply in your home community and everyday life. Sharing living space and meals, celebration, exploration. Eco-building strategies, resource conservation, energy self-sufficiency, permaculture, ecovillage design, the blue economy. How to make the real world economic aspect of it all work. Spiral dynamics come to life. Collective art making. And every once in a while a short break to integrate experiences and just be here at Damanhur. facial expressionSome time in the Temples of Humankind. Lots of time with the trees and nature spirits. All of the time, connected, connecting, collaborating, learning and teaching, tasting the highs and lows and thrills and challenges of living in community, creating it by choice, determination, imagination and love.



We’re excited and curious to meet this year’s Ecovillage Design Education folks, coming for the experience August 2 – 30, 2014.

EDE Damanhur 2011


If you had one month to learn everything you could about creating an ecovillage… what would you want to know and experience? Share in the comments!





  1. I would like to create the way to create harmony between people, so that each one is supported, honored, built up, accepted whatever moment in life they are in, wherever their personal journey or path is right now, that they are accepted and allowed through that place of growth.

    • Thanks for sharing your vision of harmony, acceptance and support in community! We are working toward that ideal every day. Wishing you the same! con te


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