Ecovillage Design Education 2015

May 30, 15 Ecovillage Design Education 2015

lebaj_gea_create_sustenibility copySATURDAY . CREATE SUSTAINABILITY




We are all well aware that it’s time to build a new world, embrace new ways of living in connection, with people, nature, spirit. With technologies that create sustainable cycles to guarantee a future for planet earth and our biological and spiritual heirs. Economy that reflects real values and ecosystem impact.

The intention of the Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) course at Damanhur, also offered in August 2015, is to dedicate a month to exploring these questions and sharing solutions that can be put into practice immediately, drawing on 40 years of experience in community, sustainability, art and spiritual vision at Damanhur. It’s also intended for those who want to teach EDE in their area, multiplying the impact of the tools and ideals.

From how to build a straw bale house to conflict resolution. Conscious fundraising, health and education, collective wisdom, the slideshow below (click full screen to read, or the link underneath for the download and transcription) prepared by an EDE Damanhur 2014 participant shows some of the key elements to take away and share. The future is now and it’s time to create it!



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