Ecovillage economics and homegrown organic potatoes

Oct 15, 13 Ecovillage economics and homegrown organic potatoes


Several days after the Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) course has concluded, I want to share the experiences and emotions that I felt by being a host for those who came for the course. The 18 students came from all over the world (Europe, South America, Australia, even Hawaii). So, habits and customs differed, but we all had some things in common. Some came here to Damanhur because they dream of having a place like ours in their own country. The program was very well-organized and covered ecological, social, economic and worldview perspectives of creating an ecovillage. Courses were held at the Damanhur nucleo community “Porta della Luna (Moongate)”, which was an inspiration for them, enabling them to see in real life what they could do back home on their own lands.

The days passedEDE Lemming very smoothly. Those who were taking the course were all very intelligent people who took in all our community region “Baita” has to offer. I feel our land is just right for receiving guests. There are several open air settings for all kinds of activities, rooms inside for seminars, and a dining room – all to themselves. There was the bio-pool, used by the guests with great enthusiasm from 7 in the morning to 10 at night. Gordana and I were the “kitchen staff,” Albanella supplied materials and did other tasks. We were on the move continually, waking up at 6 am for breakfast, prepping coffee break at 10:30 am, lunch at 12:45 pm, then another coffee break at 4 pm and dinner at 6:30 pm. Some 130 kilos (266 lbs) of vegetables and salads were freshly picked from our kitchen garden, three types of diet to cater for (omnivorous, vegetarian, vegan), shopping to do everyday, a menu to make as varied as possible, all ingredients that contributed to the well-being of the guests.

around the fireThey formed strong friendships amongst themselves (you just needed to see the tears in their eyes when they went their separate ways…), and also with us – always on call – we forged some strong ties with them.

I really believe that this experience will remain in their hearts and minds, given all the information they garnered in the four weeks of the course. When they left, I admit I felt a moment of relief for having come to the end of four weeks of intense work (where I had to teach about economics too, rushing to save the potatoes from burning in the oven during the lesson…), but the evening after they left, the silence in the guest area made me feel pangs of nostalgia. I remembered them, heard their laughter, saw their gazes full of curiosity and wonder.

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  1. Gauri /

    Thank you Lemming for making it a special experience. Miss the Damanhur community

    • Gauri,

      Thanks for bringing your energy and presence to this very special experience of EDE at Damanhur! Please come back to visit us anytime. I’ll share your gratitude with Lemming!

      con te!